Drug rehabilitation


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Been taking drugs?

No idea though, when i went to the AFCO last, they just said quite clearly that if you take drugs you are out, no messing about.
The Army introduced a Policy whereby anyone below the rank of Lance Cpl who failed CDT maybe recommended for the Early intervention course if the CO believed they were otherwise an all round good egg and it was a first offence. They have to attend the course, attend various lectures etc and prove to the staff that they will be worth retaining and will be a 'good soldier' in future. It is a Tri-service initiative and is run by the CDT HQ at Upavon. During the time that I served on CDT staff No RN personnel attended the course. All COs are aware of the Policy so it just could be that there were no COs who thought their sailors were worth a second chance.

Edited to add link; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1511464/Armed-Forces-relax-policy-on-drug-abuse.html

The Telegraph article says Class A, but I thought it was only Class C (I may be wrong as its now 2 years since I left and I am getting senile....)
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