Drug busting

The television news programes today have been bleating on about how the government (Godo the Broon) have spent hundreds of milllions of pounds of tax payers money to stop the drug barons, but according to statistics it has got out of control. The answer to the problem is to bring back (Sub/Lt Willie Wales RN) after defeating the drug runners of the Caribbean he should be allowed to do his work at home in the UK. He could fly around England in the royal helicopter (Budgie) firing non destructive rounds at the drugs dealers until they has all fled England. He would then be doing a proper job instead of going into military officers messes just to discover which one is the most sycophantic.
1492 and Colombus returns from far of lands with a substance called Cocaine/Heroin which is excepted as a social relaxing drug. Shopkeepers set up shop selling these drugs for members of the public over twenty one thank you. Later to be lowered to eighteen.

2008 and it is now realised the dangers of this drug and it is banned from use in public places. But still on sale in the local shop/ supermarket/ pub.

Meanwhile the police are fighting a losing battle against the killer high dependency drug called tobacco and the Prime Minister does not know what to do it being a worldwide problem!!. The Tobacco barons are making millions. And the world waits for an answer!!
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