Drug addicts to be given i-Pods if they beat their habits

Oh FFS, what are they doing?

Slim, I love my country, but when I see shit like this I'm tempted to say f*ck it and not come back.

There is no sanity left in UK Gov.
Considering the real cost to us all of drug addiction if this scheme does get some of them off drugs it would be good value, mind you the descision by NICE on the altzheiners drugs does seem perverse. UP to standard reporting from the Wail though.
Well, I have been clean all my life, so does that entitle me to be offered one then?

The way this country is run, its enough to turn you to drink and drugs I can tell ya.
I'd rather see the scum working on chain gangs and work details whilst working through their "wild turkey"
Rewarding these dregs for their weakness is a crying shame.
What's next?
I am with you on that one Lingy and make the scum earn their right to be rewarded. Trouble is though, this Government knows where its bread is buttered mate and helps those whom it knows will vote for them.
Re: Drug addicts to be given i-Pods if they beat their habit


These are the people who decide if a cancer saving drug can be used in the UK when it may have been used in the USA with success. And then decide on cost if it is worth the money.


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Hmm, drug addicts have an illness, and should be treated in a medical facility, in my opinion. You don't put sick people in prison, as this does not cure the problem, just compounds it.

In a country where alcohol abuse does far more damage to society (public order offences, criminal damage, marital abuse, etc.), do we stick drunks in prison? No, they get councelling. Drug addicts - the majority of whom actually keep their addiction private and do not go rampaging through your homes stealing you property, as the Dail Wail might have us believe - have to keep their problem to themselves, and often do not seek help for fear of recrimination from their families or friends.

And I reckon you'll be surprised to learn that most addicts (not kids you might ee on the strets who dabble with a 5 quid wrap of coke) are white-collar workers, who turn to drug abuse and subsequent addiction, as a result of their hectic and stressful working environment. Many do not take the addiction rehabilitation route as they do not want to replace one drug with another. And a 40 quid iPod is cheaper that 100 pounds worth of methadone, or other substitute, so if it works... great!
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