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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by TheLastStoker, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Ok quick question!

    I've heard many a times "we should drop the hatch, that'd teach them", yet I've never heard any story, half true or not, about a mess on any pussers gray 'dropping the hatch'!

    So any one got any stories (obviously none that would get any paticular people in the sh1t) share them here!
  2. Yes I've been on board where the greenies mess dropped their mess hatch due to moral at the time being very low and they weren't happy.
  3. The RM detachment on a 42 droppped the hatch because they did'nt like having to wear white tee shirts whilst DHP. Allegedly.
  4. The only time we 'dropped the hatch' was on some thieving sod caught nicking off his mess mates.
    We dropped it on his fingers just before he got to the reg office!
    Now that taught him!
  5. You have given the same explanation as I would have, in the old navy it was a pun to thieves
  6. We had a spot of unpleasantness on the Intrepid when some of the Ro's decided they had had enough and weren't going to turn to.
    It got sorted and a killick lost his anchor and the SCO lost his ship. But, I never heard the 'dropping hatch' expression...Riot Act and Queens regs yes but most of the hatches stayed upright..
    Dropping the mess on the RO's mess on the Intrepid (one of two if my memory serves me right) would have only caused the place to become more rancid than it already was....though I can see the sense in the expression.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Happened to me twice on the same ship in the early '90s (names witheld to protect the innocent); once by the Dabbers' Mess and also by the Stokers. The Press got wind of the story but didn't report the real reasons for why it happened. The Stokers' Mess got smashed by the CO, resulting in three Killicks getting busted (and many young, inexperienced MEMs getting rated up very quickly!). However the issues of concern raised by my Mess were resolved expediently, thanks to a rapid re-evaluation by the management... :thumright:

    Suffice to say, the buzzes flying around Portland by the time we got back alongside were hot but mostly wrong!

    Of course, I would never condone such reckless behaviour now... :wink:
  8. Must be missing out on something ere...never heard that phrase - dropping the hatch....heard of shutting one with two clips but that's about it..
  9. Must be "New Navy" never heard it in the old times.
    But lets face it them days the ARK was full of real animals.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Dicky/Rumrat: Dunno why you've not heard the phrase - it's been in common use for at least the last 22 years... :roll:
  11. I left the RN in '89 and it was not a common phrase then, I have asked down the club (RNA) and no member had heard it. Most thought that it was what I thought, a punishment for thieves.
    And for no reason what so ever we totaled our "Pusser's" service up and we have over 1000 years service between 61 full members.
    And just to be silly there are still 7 members who can still get into their rig, me not being one of them. I still have it though and it aint that tight complete with five rings in my trollies.
    ( Anchor faced Bas...d.)

    Still new Navy so I suppose they do it the new way.
  12. Rumrat

    Do you have the book Jackspeak?

    I think you would like it if you haven't.

    I don't know if "Drop the hatch" is in there, though, I must look out my copy.
  13. You're not alone. '77 to '03 and it's a new one on me as well.

    Vague memory of it being mentioned as a kangaroo court punishment, but never in the context here.
  14. 96 - 2003 I heard the term by old and balds before me and witnessed a mess "Drop Hatch" due to being very very unhappy on board.

    Obviously can be seen as mutiny.

    As for the other version of dropping the hatch on people caught thieving down the mess. That is a different hatching to the one I've just mentioned. However I won't comment on that lol But I think you may be referring to that one as a Kangaroo Court type punishment Guzzler.
  15. In the back of the Admiralty manual of seamanship, or the Naval rating's Handbook both of which I have in the loft, there was always published a complete dictionary of naval slang. Its a great read for anyone especially baby sailors.

    I have not seen Jack speak I must confess, thanks for telling me about it I will try to grab a copy.
    I suppose like all things the mob has evolved and the jargon with it. Its sad to us old hands as it will be to you present day hands when your turn to be "Old Navy" comes around.
    God I miss Nelson, he was a good hand but his shit did stink.
  16. It was in common use from 83 to 09! Perhaps you just had a sheltered life. :p
  17. In my time, a thief 'Fell down the ladder, Master' before reaching reggieland
  18. I've been in throughout that period, and never heard that phrase used. I too assumed that the o p was referring to an unofficial summary punishment.
  19. How can it be "New Navy" if old and balds were knew of the term back in the 70's 80's??

    When does the New Navy become old like the old Navy? When did the Old Navy become New Navy?

    Any dates to confirm please? As to me "New Navy" is the new branches we have to day and the new ships being built not the Navy we had 70's/80's and even 90's now

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