Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Handler, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. This last week the RAF formed 13 Squadron, which is a drone operating unit, to use drones in Afganistan and like places. This has raised some outcry about the usage of such weapons, wether for attack or recon purposes. Do we think that this usage will be immoral ?
  2. No, it's no more immoral than using hidden roadside bombs remotely controlled, often used by terrorists, who have no conscience. Shooting kids in the head because they want an education, that's immoral.
    in the fight against terrorism where the combatants blend in with the local community at th drop of a hat,hide behind women's burkas there is no room to consider the morality of gathering intelligence, if it can be done without putting troops in harms way
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  3. Yes I follow that viewpoint and agree with ya Trelawney
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Using a drone for recon is no different from using binoculars, it's just you get to see further.

    Similarly, chopping the enemy with a drone is the same as slotting them with a rifle, you just get longer reach. What matters is hitting something you want to hit and not something else instead, which is a waste of resources.

    Drone is the way to go as long as the command system can be made to work. Also, it avoids the political embarrassment of having aircrew on enemy TV loking rather bashed up. {Plus, for many roles, you get greatly increased time on task not carting meat and bang seats about.
  5. No problems with drones, the only way to get rid of these bastards is to kill them using any means available. Much better though if those in the proximity of these scum who are not sympathisers rose up and did the job for us.
  6. The BBC have got their own drone in Afghan..............Caroline Wyatt.
    I think she went to the Geoffrey Howe school of motivational speaking.
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  7. I'm all for drones. I seriously think the computer gamimg addicted nerds of today are probably going to be the best operators of the future.
  8. Endless possibilties for these drone gizzits, Shouldn't be too long before they develop a batch with full AWACs capabilities.

    Dither & delay about Trident until a Nuc carrying stealth batch of drones is on the shelf? Titter ye not; 'twould slash our deterrent budget , enable us to give a full raspberry to an Independent Scotia and put the Bomb-Button back into the, cough, safe hands of the light-Bluers (who still sulk and chunter about losing it to the Polaris world in the first place.)
  9. The control pads are indeed "Xbox" type controllers!
    My last job in the mob was using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, mainly for Mcm jobs, a big plus because it takes the man out the Minefield.

    AUV's have no strings attached
  10. At least the AUV operator's role is safe from the RAF: They hate the crinkly stuff, let alone the absences and accom.

    Heard from an ex-RN old buddy of mine recently who joined the RAF (too old for a second stint in the RN) He and two others of his RAF Team attended selection for a 'specialist' course & role but he was the only one to get it.

    Of the two who failed one burst into tears and the other never, ever spoke to him again. 'Jessies' would be too kind.
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  11. I have no problem at all with Drones.It seems to me to be a nigh on perfect solution to keeping an eye on the enemy without having dozens of boots on the ground.Every now and again a mistake will be made where innocent people get on the receiving end of the Drone's firepower which is regrettable but these occurrences should not be allowed to overshadow the obvious benefits.
  12. Not exactly an uncommon experience with manned aircraft!
  13. The reason they are perceived as immoral is that we have it and the bad guys don't!:cry:

    All I can say is they should have got there arses out of the sand and embraced the 21st century instead of living in mud huts.

    The do gooders are pissed off because our stick is bigger and better. ya boo sucks! Or as we used to say "un-******* lucky".

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