Drone strike in Syria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by fishhead, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. I have watched over the last couple of day with some level of disbelief the furore that has built up over the killing of two British born I.S. fighters. Although I agree that nothing should go on overseas on the nation's behalf that can't be questioned I must be missing something going by the number of politicians(mostly labour and SNP) standing up in Parliament trying to make a bigger deal of it than it deserves.
    My feeling and that of the few people I've talked about it is that we are well rid of the people who were killed. The government said they were plotting with others in the UK to cause mayhem at big public events aside from their activities to attract more young men to join their ranks.
    No doubt their families are upset but they must have known it was a matter of when the bad news was going to come rather than if it would.
    My hope it will be a five day wonder and come the weekend attention will be focused elsewhere.
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  2. Families are 'broken and devastated' According to Aunty Beeb. Well there's a coincidence...
  3. Alan Henning went there heavily armed with good intentions. His family are also shattered, broken
    and devastated.

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  4. No sympathy from me, maybe we should do this more often, it may deter some of the more impressionable youth who might be thinking of joining ISIS (or Daesh as non-ISIS supporters are now calling it, as it evidently winds them up) for an adventure.
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  5. Just imagine these MPs reactions if they did attack and cause major loss of life in the UK and David Cameron's response was "Well we knew about it but didn't bother stopping them, incase it upset their parents"

    It's always easy being the opposition
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  6. I tend to softie (comes with being a nurse, I guess) but I think we sometimes have to go for the greater good. Very sad that two young men lost their lives, very sad for their families but we perhaps need to imagine the pain and devastation were they to have succeeded in their plotting. Pity their parents didn't help them know right from wrong.
  7. I know where sympathy is in my dictionary! Hopefully a lot more Daeshites are now becoming very, very nervous.

    No hiding place.
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  8. We need far more surgical strikes like these. Let's face it those three so called Brits have achieved their aim of martyrdom. Perhaps the families should be thanking the British government for bestowing such an honour on the bastards
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  9. I agree with the sentiments of the previous posters. And giving out details of the intelligence which led to the strikes could clearly be harmful to the UK's interests.

    But, but...........do I hear an echo of a now-discredited Prime Minister telling us that he knew best about the threat posed to us by Saddam's Iraq?
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  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Call me a bit extreme, but I'm happy for drone strikes in UK too, if it prevents terrorism.
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  11. No sympathy from this end, and certainly none to the families of the ********* who died, how much sympathy would those same families have shown to injured-dead British or other combatants?
    You live in the UK, you fight for the UK, if that is incompatible then move.
  12. .

    I am confused. We seem to have somehow imported two separate idiocies from the USA.

    First, the USA has a rather idiotic idea that Americans abroad have lots of rights from the USA that trump local laws, including some sort of absolvement from their warlike actions. We don't have this, so Britons acting in a warlike manner abroad have to deal with the consequences themselves.

    The second idiocy is that the USA considers it lawful to bomb others on foreign soil without lawful cause (or judicial process). We don't, or at least until Cameron we didn't. We can act if the UN says so, or if we do so as requested by a foreign country, but not just because we feel like it. IF we did, we could of course bombed the NorAid offices in America when they were supporting the IRA.

    Very odd.
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  13. Here's the thing though - Syria's a warzone where the Syrian Government isn't able to act against these individuals. Even if the Syrian Government were able to stop them but didn't want to the Article 51 argument the Attorney General believes is lawful would still let us do this, as the actual incident behind the "Caroline test" demonstrates when the UK did that very thing.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    They won't need to come via refugee camps, most of them have made it to Germany already, look at the make up and attitude of those coming in via Hungry, there aren't many Women and Children amongst them.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, 75% adult males, aged 20-30, applauded as they entered Germany from Hungary.

    Meanwhile, in Hungary: https://www.rt.com/news/314788-hungary-migrants-isis-terrorists/
  17. war zone.jpg
  18. I see very little connection between the British governments actions attacking British citizens fighting for Daesh and the migrant crisis.
  19. I can see a potential connection - the concern that terrorists could be infiltrating Europe whilst posing as genuine refugees or migrants. Although, to be honest, the bad guys seem to be able to get to Europe to carry out terrorist acts anyway!

  20. Article 51 is for States under attack - individuals do NOT constitute that.

    Likewise the "Caroline Test" is for states under attack.

    It is ridiculous to use these as reasons to attack individuals.

    As I said, these sort of reasons would have allowed the UK to bomb the NorAid offices in the USA - why not ?

    Also, the spurious legal excuses do NOT excuse killing innocents in the attacks (or even militants who were ONLY interested in fighting in Syria).

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