How many tests did you take before you passed?

  • Second time, through no fault of my own

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Failed my first driving test on Tuesday of this week

Booked my second in a few weeks time.

Bloody pain in the arse.


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Passed first time on 4 wheels back in 1981 (yes, I'm an old fart!) when driving standards were so much higher than today and pass really meant something... hold on, we're not talking about O-levels/GCSE standards here are we? :)

Also passed first time on 2 wheels a few years later (about 20 to be precise) where the road-awareness I'd developed in the car proved helpful in learning to ride the bike.
I passed my driving test at the first attempt in 1982 after only six lessons. I took and passed my bike test back in '95 after doing a 3-day course, with my only previous bike experience being an hour or two to do my CBT a few years earlier. My first (and so far, only) bike was a VFR750 FL. I look forward to getting another one when I leave the mob.
Took me three times --------
first time i knew i'd failed
second time thought i'd passed
third time couldn't give a toss and passed
Dunfermline 1964 .

The test is easy compared to the first time solo in your own shiney
motor that cost a arm n a leg!!

:nemo: :nemo:


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Passed first time in '95; had three weeks leave, block booked some lessons and my test, my Instructor was ex-Army (and actually had Port and Starboard tippexed on the steering wheel!).

Did my bike test in Gibraltar in '99; one theory lesson followed by the theory test. Three practical lessons followed by the test. Cost me £75 all in (plus £20 for my licence). Bunch of cowboys, but I got a UK-accredited licence out of it (converted it via DVLA when I returned home).

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