Driving whilst off your face.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, May 8, 2012.

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  1. ...and there's more. "Blow into this bag sir?" Well that's okay because I'm not shit-faced anymore officer, but I AM off my brain and didn't see that huge green elephant with feathers in the road before I crashed into that school bus....wow man....far out......Here's my Doctors certificate...hey man - my car's melting! LSD can cure alcoholics, say scientists - Health - Scotsman.com
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  2. No doubt the penalty if found guilty of driving while under the influence of euphoriants will have the same pathetic consequences as those if you are found guilty of drunk driving. The penalties should be increased dramatically maybe then the population will get it into their thick heads that it is totally unacceptable. I would suggest a 5 year ban plus a hefty fine of say £10,000.00 for a first offence and anyone who kills someone while under the influence should receive an automatic 10 years behind bars. I have no time for the selfish arrogant bastards who commit this type of offence.
  3. A rough estimate indicates that it costs £37,500 to keep one offender in prison for one year making the cost of a ten year stretch £37500, less £10000 for the proposed fine. I don't know how many successful convitions are completed each year but it seems to me that the costs could become prohibitive. I am beginning to favour Councilman John Carenbauer's suggestion of a firing squad. It is much cheaper and removes the risk of recidivism.
  4. I,m crossing the road, young scamp sat in his car waiting for the lights to change, lights change he sets off and hits me with offside light, broken leg and shoulder. Eleven months later traffic cops statement puts heavy emphasis on my actions, “ I walked out in front of car” I didn’t keep looking etc plus some lies,so no prosecution, solicitor says with this, the insurance company will go for some liability on my behalf and reduce compensation. Penalty for him if we go to court 3/6 points and small fine, Not long since a little girl in Blackburn I think, gets knocked down and killed by an ii, he gets derisory sentence. Driving laws need looking at and penalties imposed that act as deterrent not just a slapped wrist.
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  5. Sorry Finks ,,, not heavy enough ... Life time ban automatically and 25 yrs minimum for killing someone off your head!
  6. On reflection MGM and due to the fact that occasionally my sometimes liberal tendencies get the better of me I will change my original thoughts on the level of punishment and agree with you 100%.
  7. What? And ruin everyone's fun? If you haven't played traffic island slalom shiters you haven't lived. Not being funny, but if you see a car wildly swerving best you don't cross the road. Common sense.
  8. Just to clarify that point, do you mean genuinely pissed and unable to drive safely, intelligently and considerately or simply above the arbitrary blood/alcohol level?
  9. Don't get him started on drink driving, he is a proper girl about it. Not only that, if he drives he's probably also a hypocrite*.

    *We knew that but I meant in this instance also.
  10. There is no grey area here, you either pass or fail and a fail should carry extremely severe penalties.
  11. MLP, I know you have a tendency to ramble in a likeable sort of way but could you just explain how me being a driver and an incredibly good one would make my a hypocrite?

  12. Like it or not, if you have a driving licence and enjoy a drink occasionally, at some point in your considerable years you will more than likely have been over the limit whilst behind the wheel and not even realised it.
  13. Pure supposition on both counts.

    To get back on topic do either of you think that the current penalties are too lenient?
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  14. It's true though. Your greenhouse has no glass left in it has it?

    I think the penalties are fine.
  15. Fine, that's cleared that up and it's still supposition that would not stand up in a court of law.
  16. Doesn't matter, we both know you've done it, admit it, fun wasn't it? If you hit someone you just drive off anyway, most of the time you'd get away with it.

  17. Without incontrovertible proof admit to fuck all, it's a credo has served me well so far and no doubt will continue to do so.

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