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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by seafarer1939, May 22, 2011.

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  1. After driving a while I always get the feeling that it's uncomfortable in the private areas!
    I stopped on the Motorway once to scratch my hawespipe as I couldn't drive any further with a madding itch!
    Now I found the answer!! Baby wipes!! 2 for a quid at Home Bargains.
    Used them last week twice before going to hospital[120 miles]and not a glimmer of perspiration itchiness.
    That'll work for me,many a time driving I've asked the wife on the motorway to scratch my nudger as I can't stop,she didn't of course.
    Don't use then for any Soho S&M clubs! it's dirty but it's a decent motoring tip for us diseased old 'uns.
  2. Good tip!!.I plaster mine with hydrocortisan cream does a good job
  3. Isn't that like sitting with a cream doughnut in your knicks?
  4. You appear to consider that unusual.
  5. Not unusual, just slightly uncomfortable on a long journey.
  6. Fair one. Lack of attention to detail on my part.
  7. My missus keeps my testicles in her purse on long journey's. Safer that way, and no itch!
  8. Fair point Chop except what happens in a crash?wouldn't some separation occur? brings me to the old story of a couple driving, one wearing seat belt and his girlfriend not.
    After the crash he survived, she went thru the windscreen,the Ambulance driver told him he was very lucky he was wearing a belt as his girlfriend was dead,he replied "Can you see if she has anything in her hand!"
    I should be careful with that practice!
  9. Dove Roll-on from Boots is good for the bollox area, the only one I found that don't sting and keeps you perfumed. In fact only the other day a woman in the newpaper shop said to me, 'gosh your nuts smell nice'.
  10. Try Ralgex on yer nuts.You wont ever worry about an itch again:giggle:
  11. Many a true word spoken in jest.
    I have been doing a great deal of exercise of late, having had the clearance from the doc. Trouble is I have a 20/25 year old mind, set in a 61 year old body. Enter the dragon, with the ralgex, liberal amount all over lower back, and then bed.
    So about 2am scratch back, about 2. 05 scratch bollox.
    2.052 jump sky wards clutching happy tackle that feels like its on fire.
    Bed to shower .0001 secs.
  12. Hehe!
    LMBO at that one, RR!

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