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Due to my son being unable to pass his driving test how easy is it to take a few lessons and a test down there? Assume you would do that after phase 1?
In a short answer; not a hope during Phase One. Very little hope during Phase Two; other than leave periods.

I am sure a better qualified Rummer will be along shortly with better detail.
My advice is to save your money. In the early years of your naval career the opportunity to arrange regular lessons in advance is very slim. Plus finding the time to do any kind of practicing you're newly learnt skills are virtually zero. I was old enough to drive when I joined but it took a further 4 years before I found time to catch up with what I had learnt before joining and passing my test. Back then there was no questionnaire or hazard observation tests to negotiate either.


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It's just so annoying as he's failed two driving tests now. We just wanted it out the way but I think it's better to carry on when he gets back from any leave as at least he knows the area
With the learning credits you get think it's £175 a year you can put that towards doing it than just do the weeks course that's what lot of people do


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Think he'll just need a refresher course. Ideally back up here where he knows the instructor and learnt not to go through a red filter light
Depending on his trade, the navy may send him away on a intensive driving course for free. These are (depending if you work for the navy or are attached to a Marines unit) at HMNB Portsmouth, RNAS Culdrose near Penzance or DST Leconfield near Hull.

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