Driving lessons whilst at Raleigh

Hi guys, Im just about to go back to the wonderful world of Raleigh later on today to finish off my phase 2 training.

But I was wondering if anyone had any experience doing their driving lessons during phase 2? I would love to be driving by the time I finish phase 2, but have been told that it is difficult.

Are there any driving lesson firms that work with Raleigh and obviously understand random cancels of driving lessons when not aloud out of base for example?

Thanks guys :)
Guzzler said:
No. There are driving instructors in Torpoint, but none have any kind of 'contract' with Raleigh.
Fair enough , didnt really expect there to be to be fair.

Do you think it is doable though?


Lantern Swinger
Yeah of course it's doable, you'll easily be able to spare a couple of hours a week in the evenings to learn to drive.

Just make sure you book your lessons to match the liberty boat times (assuming you still can't just wander off base during phase 2).

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