Driving into a bunker

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Naval_Gazer, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Ever felt that sense of frustration on a golf course when you drive straight into a bunker? Here's someone else who did it and ended up with Gannet's SAR flight on the scene (link).
  2. Similar thing happened a few years back in Liverpool the kids set of the distress beacon.

    The boat was in the back garden, the big yellow bird was hovering over the estate trying to get a fix on the mariner in distress
  3. So do you get a Mulligan for doing that?
  4. thats not the worst of it , he was aiming for the green ! play through?
  5. No. But you can probably opt for a two-stroke (Mercury, Johnson, Evinrude, etc) penalty followed by three off the tee.
  6. The boat cant be worth mor than £5000, How much did it cost to send the Cab up there? and more importantly who will be paying for it? I mean it's hardly a danger to life is it?

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