Driving in the Royal Navy?


Or if you have wrens who can throw better tantrums than you by the sounds of it :p

It would have been nice to get my pussers ADP, but truth to tell RT, I was not that bothered as I knew I was getting an early sea draft as I had done drafty a favour, the CPO scribes and NTD WO on the other hand were desperate to get another rating with a forkies licence, and it did piss them off that the 2nd officer insisted on the WWTR going on the course when the only person to gain from her getting the ticket was the WWTR. There again, if I had got on the course, the only person who would have gained would have been me, as I joined Battleaxe about 7 weeks after I would have been on the course.


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Never got courses through Pusser, but have had drafts that you would only get if you had the right licence. Known others who got HGV 1 + Hazardous materials cert, was set up for life if he wanted to use it, paid for by Pusser.
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