Driving in the Royal Navy?

When I did the Reggies job on 899 Squadron we could look at the scheme of Compliment (SOC) and some PQ no had driver on them, with a bit of help from Centurion we could move people around and get them a driving test.
Don't know how it works now with JPA?
I know that JFH is thinking of going more into the Field Ops side again, so HGV drivers will be needed!


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Scarface2009 said:
I start Basic in October, do you think it is possible starting from July, having 2 hour lessons a week up to October is enough to get me in for a test?

I know the general consensus of this site is "ask an AFCO". This time it's "ask a driving instructor"


Pusser put me through because the draft i was going into required it! I knowquite a few guys who`ve done this as well but you have to be drafted onto the course if its a pre requisit to your next job! I also know some stokers who did there full hgv on pusser an all!


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There is a way of getting a free diving licence but it does require the fire brigade to take strike action.

1. Buy a car and regularly take your oppo's from and to the Churchill married patch and Faslane.
2. Fire brigade go on strike and the forces go strike busting; as in the late seventies.
3. On the day jobs are being allocated take a sickie, one of your passengers will state that you have a full licence because you bring them in every day.
4. Allocated to be a green goddess driver when you arrive at Retford Barracks to be taught to drive a GG own up to the pongo sar'nt who will call you a cnut and after watching you perform in the GG give you a chit for an HGV licence and a standard licence. Won't he "TC"? If you are on here, you know who you are.


nearly got mine though pusser when I was NTD writer at Faslane, CPOWTR and WO were not happy with me being Neptune duty watch and wanted me on their watch bill, but I needed to be able to drive (they wanted me to play with the big forklift), got me booked on a course at Nelson, but I got kicked off in favour of a Wren in SM3 who was Capt SM3 designated driver, the fact that he would not have a jenny driving him did not seem to bother the 2nd officer WRNS who kicked up a stink to get her jenny on the course. Unfortunately by the time they could arrange alternative dates for me draft had given me a pit on the Battleaxe.

Moral of the story is, branch sometimes does not come into it, but the job you are in at the time does