Driving in the Royal Navy?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scarface2009, May 19, 2009.

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  1. I have not seen this topic posted anywhere so i think am the first.

    I understand that you do not get put through your driving licence in the RN, do they offer any schemes such as in your spare time you can learn to drive and take the test ect.
    Or do you have to book your own lessons when you get your time off?

    and is there a lot of people in the RN actually driving.

    It may come across as a dim question, but i have only just turned 17, and am just on applying for my provisional, and dont have the money and time at the moment
  2. ill be in the same postition as you in a few months. i spoke to my dad he sed youd probably have to book it in your own time.
  3. This has been posted before. Basically you do it in your own time and pay yourself. The only way pusser will do it is if it is branch related, AH being one branch as far as I'm aware.
  4. ah i take it that might the logistics branch perhaps?
  5. Not necessarily, driving is not a requirement for Logs in the RN
  6. ok

    Thanks for the answers!!

  7. Do you ahve the link for the post that was on here before then?
  8. I got my licence a very long time ago, two weeks at RAF ST Athan, took and passed my test at the end of week one, week two was motorway driving, night time driving, skid pan training and a wee go at driving at night with IR goggles, all for a draft to Faslane.....dm
  9. I know in the Marines, you fund yourself for your licence , then you can claim it back, that is how i got mine.
  10. That's how a ship mate of mine got his

    He was required to drive for his next draft, so he took driving lessons, passed his test and the mob repaid him.
  11. You can use your learning credits towards the cost of driving lessons.

    You will get told this at Raliegh when you recive your learning credit paperwork.
  12. learning credits??

    sorry but am clueless on what you are saying
  13. When I did the Reggies job on 899 Squadron we could look at the scheme of Compliment (SOC) and some PQ no had driver on them, with a bit of help from Centurion we could move people around and get them a driving test.
    Don't know how it works now with JPA?
    I know that JFH is thinking of going more into the Field Ops side again, so HGV drivers will be needed!
  14. I know the general consensus of this site is "ask an AFCO". This time it's "ask a driving instructor"
  15. You dont need to drive.

    Get the train - Get pissed - Trap student birds going weekenders - Happy Days!
  16. You don't need to drive but it can prove useful I dipped out a couple of times on a cushy number because I didn't.
  17. Pusser put me through because the draft i was going into required it! I knowquite a few guys who`ve done this as well but you have to be drafted onto the course if its a pre requisit to your next job! I also know some stokers who did there full hgv on pusser an all!

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