Driving Essential or Not?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lost_Soul, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Strange Question but here goes.

    I'll Be starting my basic in 4-6months as I'm joining as an AET, now i currently work although only part time but i'm currently learning to drive, I've only had about a few lessons but what I'm wondering is how essential/ useful will having a licence be in that position?

    As if I'm going to be on a Aircraft Carrier or whatever in the middle of the sea I don't think it will be worth me paying almost £2000 grand insurance on a car and plus the cost of the car for it only to be used occasionally.

    As if i don't do it now all i would do is save what little i get paid for stuff for Rayleigh and anything else i want, and do a crash course when i have leave later on in life.

    Any Advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Lifts home etc are pretty much always available if that worries you :)
    As far as doing the "job", if you need a driving licence for it then pusser will pay for it ;)
  3. Not the lifts home that bother me that much, as you say i could possibly find someone who goes my way etc and if not well hey there's the good old public transport.

    Just figure might be worth my while that rushing pay for it all know along with holiday i have in 2 months and for all kit need etc now, i could do it at a later date and ill be older so will hopefully get cheaper insurance.
  4. I've been in 24 years now and havn't managed to past my test yet. Lifts are always easy to come by - both ways. If not just jump on the train with a few tinnies and you'll be home before you know it!
  5. Yea trains can be cheap enough anyway, just get some of the tins before hand.

    You can get a forces railcard anyway cant you? as was pricing up my tickets to Raleigh and was putting in for my young persons railcard and it had the option for Forces Railcard, what discount do you usualy get with that?
  6. You can use the standard learning credits from the navy to pay for your lessons and test I believe, so wait till you join up to do it. If you want to be an AET driving can be handy as the air stations are located in the countryside due to the noisy aircraft. Theres bound to be someone who lives in your neck of the woods who can give you a llift if you don't drive though.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For what it's worth I'd suggest you get your test passed before you join, but don't buy a car until you know for sure where you're going to be based.

    Pointless having a car, particularly when you look at the insurance, and then going to sea for a 6 month deployment. You can't take your vehicles to Raleigh when you first join anyway.

    The problem taking your test & lessons once you've joined, is having sufficient time in one place to get anywhere reasonable enough practice continuity to pass.

    I waited until the job I was doing involved me being able to drive & let the Navy pay for my lessons. It took 15 years before such a job came my way!

    Forces Railcard about 30% saving- well worth it.
  8. Buy a cheap 50cc moped, keep it at home, insure it. Builds up a nice no claims bonus while you're away! ;)
  9. 50 cc moped still requires a CBT unless you have a full cat A licence and any insurance no claims bonus is only earned for Mopeds, hardly a vaginal lodestone
  10. You should get it now because even if you dont get a car the longer you have had your license even if you dont use it the cheaper your insurance will be when you get a car. (I think):iroc:
  11. Once i have joined, i dont expect the navy to pay for it that wouldnt be my reason for waiting, just gives me more time and money now, and if i had a weeks leave i would arrange to go to a crash course centre.

    But all in all seems better to get my licence now, just not a car at the moment.

    Cheers For the Advice :)
  12. This is true. Pusser will pay part of the cost of the driving lessons...which is nice. It comes out of your annual 'learning budget'.
  13. You should take what you can when you can after all you pay taxes - you gotta take what's on offer 'cos no one will give you anything for free!
  14. what you can do is wait until pass out of sultan then join your squadron, your manpower controller should have a minimal allotment of aet's required for movements tractor drivers. in case their isn't enough handlers. I have known of guys at work go to culdrose and have a driving test then trailer test, then do the aircraft movements exam at the end. all within about 2 months and all paid for buy the mob. plus it looks good on your write up's
  15. Worth me also talking this through in my interview on Tuesday, or will they think I'm asking if they will pay for it and it look bad, which isn't be the case, just curious if its worth me doing it now or not.
  16. mind you the only real chance of you getting to be a driver would take at least 2 years if you did it through the mob in the way which i told you in the last reply. so your probably best to do it by yourself, as for asking at the interview i wouldn't worry to much as the old saying goes there's no such thing as a stupid question if you dont understand something.

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