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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by The_Frank, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Strange question,

    Do the Navy still do driving lessons as a PJT?

    I know that Southwick Park do driving courses, but as I understand it only PLOD's can use this.

    Or is it open to anyone if it can be justified?
  2. Only if the billet you are going into requires you to drive will they put you through a course. Which is more likely they'll pay for your driving lessons through a civi instructor. They use BSM at Southwick Park (Well that is the driving school I've seen driving around lot there when I was in the sims the other month)
  3. Cheers tommo, will have to have a word with the boss, as me driving would be advantagous.

    Anyone know if they do intensive courses or is it the standard few hours a week?
  4. You could use your Learning Credits to help pay towards lessons as an alternative.
  5. No you can't mate. The ELC's can only be used if the qualification is level 3 or above.

    If you can find a driving school that does a level 3 certificate as well as the test, then you might be OK.

    I know a few motorcycle training schools have got around it by offering a level 3 certificate in motorcycle riding or some such, which just happens to include the bike test and training as part of the course.
  6. My bad. I've been misinformed. I will go issue punishment as required
  7. That's the ELC Scheme though, not SLCs.
  8. I'm pretty sure one of the lads in my class is using SLCs for a driving course.
  9. TF

    Might be worth giving your base's Learning Centre a buzz for clarification:


    T: 02392 725292


    T: 01752 555362


    T: 01436 674321
  10. i remember the lecture i had in raleigh about it, in fact i still have the info sheets somewhere, you can use your SLC's for driving leasons it's something like £175 a year?
  11. You can use your Standard Learning Credits (£175) towards driving lessons/test, but you can't use your Enhanced Learning Credits for it
  12. See your WMO and volunteer for a draft to BFSAI, you will require a driving licence for that draft and will be put through a course and complete off road training on completion.

    It was widely advertised as a carrot to get volunteers about 5 years ago

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