Driving conviction while waiting to join

Hi everyone

My dog is joining in May. However, my dog has really messed up. To get to work my dog started driving a unrestricted 50cc moped that could do 40mph. However, as my dog is 16, he is not allowed a bike that can go above 28mph.

My dog was caught.

Essentially my dog will be charged for driving without the correct licence.

Should my dog tell his local AFCO? What do you think the likely outcome will be? Will my dogs application be stopped?

My dog realizes he is a stupid boy, and is worried about the outcome.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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First of all I would wait and see what actually transpires. It would be pretty daft letting the AFCO know about a potential outcome when it might only result in a caution and/or a fine.

If your dog's case results in a conviction then the AFCO should be informed. However, I would be extremely surprised if, what is after all, a minor driving offence affected his entry into the RN. Drugs, GBH, theft etc might be a different matter but I'm sure driving a moped that is 12 mph too fast would not be top of the Navy's criminal list.

I always thought the moped laws were funny (and more than a bit frustrating). On the weekends I used to compete in motocross and ride a pretty decent sized bike. Come Monday and it was off to school on my restricted 50cc moped that I actually managed to stall one day because the headwind was too strong. One year later and a Yamaha 250 LC made the school run a lot quicker :)


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Serious motoring offences such as drink drive, no licence, no insurance & dangerous driving can affect eligibility to enter.

The post interview caution advises applicants that they must notify their AFCO of any change in circumstances such as pending court appearances jury duties, change in medical status.

Spot fines that do not require a court appearance are 'spent' once paid and will not affect eligibility to enter but the pending prosecution should actually be declared to your AFCO and also on a security clearance application. The only motoring offences that need not be declared are speeding & parking tickets that do not result in a court appearance (ie, result in a ban).

My advice? Give your AFCO a call, play safe.

A while back one of my candidates rang me to say he had a speeding ticket. "No problem" I replied. What he didn't tell me was it was a stolen motorbike, he was drunk and had no licence or insurance...his application was subsequently rejected.


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This could be treated as a serious offence, no licence (his won't cover him for what he was riding) and therefore insurance might not cover him, so no insurance, this could result in quite a heavy fine and disqualification.