So I'm looking on line for some fresh music 'cos I is sick of all the
crap on my car radio and all my bangin' CD's for the motor are
all scratched to f*ck, and I trips over these bunch of geezers on
the Tube:-
The singer/musician (Jon Kenzie), is lucky to have talents like that but
less than 2,000 hits on one of the Tube Videos though....c'mon!
If you like this brand of music, spread the word - the bloke deserves a break.
I'm now gonna try and find enough tracks to build into a nice shiny new CD
for inclusion in my drivin' collection.

OFFICIAL VIDEO Beggar Joe "Ain't No Way" download album http://music.beggarjoe.com - YouTube

F*ck it - watch it twice....live version at some SEAT sponsored gig in Toblerone Land I think.

Jon Kenzie (Beggar Joe) - Aint no way - YouTube
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