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It's not often i go to McDonalds and when i do, i'm usually pissed and want some entertainment. However, the other day, i was out in the car with the misses and she was a bit peckish so suggested we go through a McWanks drive through. Now from past experience, i tend to avoid these as they **** you over with the wrong order and ask stupid questions. This was to prove no exception:

Fuckwit - "Welcome to McDonalds drive through may i take your order please?"

Me - "Yeah. Can i have a big Mac meal with diet coke and a Quarter Pounder with cheese and large fries"

Fuckwit - "Do you want a large meal?"

Me - "No. I would have asked for one if i wanted one"

Fuckwit - "Do you want a Quarter pounder meal?"

Me - "No"

Fuckwit - "Do you want a drink with your Quarter pounder"

Me - "No"

Fuckwit - "Are you sure?"

Me - "Oddly enough, yes"

Fuckwit - "Is there anything else?"

Me - "Do you have a lost property box?"

Fuckwit - "Yes. What have you lost?"

Me - "My will to live"

Fuckwit - "That will be one million pounds please"

On checking the order when received, the ******* idiots gave me a cheeseburger. I was tempted to ram the bellends face in the deep fat fryer but decided not to. Am i alone in experiencing this total ******* idiocy?


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You are totally alone in your opinion of these fine, upstanding members of the British workforce.

Everyone knows they are highly trained and qualified personnel whose education is the envy of all who come across them.

Why Maccy Dees have never been awarded any Michelin Stars is completely beyond not only myself, but the nation as a whole. It can only be because Michelin Stars are issued by the Froggies who are completely overwhelmed with envy.


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Bit harsh in some ways though 'rat. Poor sods have to spend most of their day dealing with mouth-breathing fuckwits (fine upstanding citizens like ourselves excepted), and I would imagine it's a tad stressful. I'm sure that the inane mantra they have to chant at you is part of their job description, so they're stuck with it. See your point though.


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Whilst delivering those big round aluminum bins, (the ones with three wheels on them) to Mac D's I made the mistake of poping my head round the kitchen door looking to get my tip note signed.
I observed the cleaner emptying the mop bucket into the sink, then wiping down the drainer/ prep table with the floor cloth.
Never seem to get a craving for Mac D's anymore. Seen better cleanliness in the JRDH
The (only?) upside:


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