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I brought an ACER computer a while back and for some unknown reason there was a drive partition on it, so I have a C: and a D: each of about 35 Gb.

Apart from keeping my documents apart from the system files I can't see any reason for it and I would love to get rid.

Any ideas on how I can get rid of the partition without havingto go to all the trouble of getting and installing partition magic or some such program

Its quite an easy process (your xp/vista 'help' with show you), personally I think it best to have two hard drives as everything can be backed up then, when the time comes to reformat your a drive you simply move all your files etc from one to the other.
As Chaz says, you are better off leaving it as is. Having that seperate partition means that if you back files up to your D drive, when, inevitably, it all goes pete tong, you won't lose everything in one fell swoop. Don't forget to back up any emails you want to keep too :)
I don't think you'll find any tool in windows to resize a partition whilst the OS is running. You'd need to run setup and changing the partition there.

As mentioned, it is a good idea to have 2 partitions. 1 for the OS and software WHEN you need to do a reinstall and the other for games/document/porn etc. However, 35GB is a bit extreme.

Partition magic is a good bit of software a very easy to use, I've used it myself to prevent my P45 landing on my desk!

Good luck
All well and good having 2 partitions that you use for backups/data but if they are on the same physical drive and it fails then your data is gone anyway.

Go buy an external drive that just plugs in, shove all your data etc on there and then when you upgrade PC it is already there. Also, its easy to unplug it and lock it away if you dont want someone else to see whats on it.
If you are running Vista, then it is really quite easy to resize/delete a partition. All you need is already there.
XP, however, does not come with any software for this. As stated, use Partition Magic as it is one of the best out there.
35Gig is not very big for a spare drive but should be enough for most things (Photo's/Documents/Music etc). If you really feel the need to buy, check out someone like for good, own brand stuff.
It is very rare these days for an entire Hard Drive to physically fail. You are much more likely to cock it all up by installing/uninstalling and mucking about with settings etc :)
I really wouldn't worry too much about it if you can live with it.


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You may want to think twice about altering the partitions if ACER supplies system restore CDs/DVDs. The DELL I have just bought has a similar arrangement and the recovery process writes over the primary partition where it has dumped all the system files. SO if I'd decided to re-arrange the system into just one - I'd lose all my user data at a restore (unless I was a real specky geek and was backin g data up to my SAN).

Wise to keep them as they are. Dump all your system/program files in the primary partition and use the secondary partitions for all your files.
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