Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Taffd, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. One of my biggest and ongoing drips was never seeing the benefit of all the cleaning that I did. All night cleaning parties polishing up up a section of passageway that the Skipper saw for fifteen seconds, and the rest of the time the floor was covered in hardboard.

    Is this still a regular occurrence on ships?
  2. And ever thus.

    But hardboard? Fire hazard? Recall the MEO in the Cumberland aghast that the TAS apes in AMP had had a wooden wall put up in the 2031Z SDR between the desks and the operational side saying that he was trying his best to get wood out of the ship.
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  3. He landed the crushers then?
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  4. Do not know as a greenie we did not do the daily scubbing bit, that was the task of deck apes
  5. As a greenie ,the switchboard was always my scrubbing out POS (even on boats). Took ages to wipe those breaker fronts down :)
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One thing that has always amused me was that certain branches have traditionally thought that they are the only people that have to scrub out, whilst the rest of us just did it & cracked-open another tinnie to drown out the whines from the passageways, heads and bathrooms.

    Maybe the new AFPS contract should include a caveat that allows us to parachute our Mums in to clean up after us.
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  7. And sweep the rubber mats, or if pos bum SR vacuum cleaner, no point in straining to much.

    Once had a XO who wanted to take up mats and polish so we said it would affect the insulation properties of the rubber mats, round one to use, not to be put of he came back with we should scrub under rubber mats to keep the area free from contaminant’s that may affect the mats round 2 to XO
  8. In my short time on a bomber all I seemed to do was scrub out, thats when I wasnt polishing something, orrible things.
  9. You had a vacume cleaner on a boat!
  10. We always had 2, at least, on my boats, wardrobe and SR's. Funny how the wardrobe one always went TU first. Also had one hidden down the Swbd for the rubber mats as Sumo has said, although that used to blow up frequently due to stokers nicking it for the diesel room and lower level bilges..wankers :)
  11. Something I noticed on skimmers only JR’s scrubbed out, but on boats every one scrubbed out, well WR did not help much
  12. On Vigilant the CAT As did manoevering room, however that was only for skippers rounds,the rest of the time the cat c and cat b did the deck during the morning watch
  13. Wow I have heard of ship’s cats but training them to scrub out, that’s the biscuit.
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  14. like it!:bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:
  15. We WAFU's tended to muck in in the scrubbing out department. Ba-stards even took a picture of me to prove it back at good old Portland. Cost me my reputation as a mattress lying, work shy aircrewie.

  16. wal

    wal Badgeman

    You've been spying again, Wrecks.
  17. That's what VSB 13 on a T boat was fitted for :)
  18. Henry, the SRs vacuum was very good for drying out the Bomb Shop bilge providing there was no more than a gallon of water in it. Well it looked like a wet dry vac :oops:
  19. Pinkie me. Always scrubbed out my part o' ship, but along with everyone else as far as I was aware, was often, as part of a mess, responsible for a bit of passageway/heads/bathroom.

    Not dripping about the scrubbing out and polishing, but the ship was my home and I never saw the point of covering up floors that I'd helped clean. Didn't think 'nice and shiny' should just be for the Skipper.
  20. Control room sound room, control, sonar is picking up sucking noises from the SRs mess, is it blanking sonar?, no I just want a relief while I pop down there.

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