Dripping like a septic A** HOLE...????

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BSBRN82, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. LOL,

    My dad is ex RAF and worked with the navy for alot of his service time and tonight he said to me stop (dripping like a septic A** Hole) I had to laugh and asked what it ment and he told me to come on here as someone would know what it ment??? :slow::pottytrain2:
  2. It means stop moaning, bitching and worrying essentially but I do hope one of the others arrives to give a far more eloquent and colourful version :D
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  3. Haha! , that made me chuckle a bit oh how the naval language is so miss leading hahaha.
  4. sod the septic ******** i cant believe you have admitted that your old man is ex-crab
  5. Haha yeah he is, dont know your views on RAF guys lol care to share? :D
  6. He told me to say at least he looked like one and didn't have to walk around with one you dirty old sea dog.... , what ever that means haha

    PS.Thats not from me :D
  7. my mates son asked to have a chat with his dad the other day. oppo was obviously worried but when son said he was gay his dad patted him on the back and said "son, I don't mind if you like cock in your ring or if you want man-fat all over your face", "I thought you was about to say you wanted to join the royal air farce".

    ps - i have two brothers in the farce so yes i hang my head in shame every morning when i realise it wasn't just a bad dream.
  8. They're a sideways walking failed experiment that spend more time sat on their arses than doing any work.

    See if he nibbles at that.
  9. Haha he said, he bit hook line and sinker but he said we still get paid more you web foot fish head or are you a wafo, pinky, grubber or greeny LOL xD
  10. What's with the WE, you're not in yet and I was one of God's chosen people, a greenie submariner but as I'm a civvy now he doesn't need to salute me.
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  11. HAHA, Im not going in the RAF, im going RN never did like any of the other forces im a sea baby all the way hopefully a future ETME.
  12. You know it makes sense
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  13. did he fail the ryanair check in mong test so joined the crabs as a mover??
  14. Son of a crab and you drip like one too. Have you had to do a sortie and then find the 5 Star Hotels fully booked and the 4 Star has no Spa? That's usually enough to get the Outrage Bus started for the Junior Service.
  15. an ex crab told you to stop dripping, you must be wetter than an iceburgs nickers!
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  16. I think he was quoting his father Wrecker, but as his English is so awful it's difficult to tell.
  17. haha, So awfully sorry for not typing like shakespeare, ( wud ya prefr i tlk lyk dis den ye lmfao ) or ( HM English as one should talk if he/she was to meet her majesty) or ( talk quite casually on a unofficial forum ) I just didn't realise this was an english course for dummies. :D
  18. If it was you'd fail.
  19. FFS, you've 'liked' more posts in this thread than have been awarded to any other threads in the last 3 months.
    Give it a rest or even the RAF would consider you an utter bumder.

  20. I don't think I would actually due to the fact English is one of my strong points, oh yes and a stupid reply would not be necicerry due to the simple fact you dont know me as a person so judgements can not be made. Only personal opinions.

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