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ok i have just come back from a party having been completly hammered and loosing all chances with a woman for that night. :roll:

after a while i thought about getting all my mates so drunk and making them a slobbering mess.

im not saying that im going to buy them all pints for the whole night but i thought about playing drinking games.

the question to you fine chaps and chapettes is how can i play a drinking game that is 1 sided keeping me as sober as possible and them as drunk as possiblle:twisted:


Lantern Swinger
soleil said:
Where did things go wrong with the young lady, Boxy?
i was too drunk :roll: so i figured as you all have had alot of experience in drinking you might know of a way, i was told today that if you eat lots before you start drinking that helps to keep you sober longer.

i do relise that the simple option is to not drink as much but i dont notise how drunk i am untill it hits me all at one time and then i fail miserably so at the moment its eather get mullered or drink coke all night :oops:

and im going to meet 2 german women tomorrow so im trying desperatly hard not to mess it up :lol:


Lantern Swinger
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:
Ja5on asked some similar bone question, among the other rubbish he posted, before he finally frogged off this site.

Silly games IMO, grow up. :roll:

im 20 theres plenty of time for that :D

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