When a bit o skin at Daedloss, we werent allowed to drink beer/spirits but the dumb fcuk Naafi staff couldnt work out Cider........so we used to drink Woodpeckers and get smashed on that instead!
sgtpepperband said:
Thingy said:
...you can legally drink beer & cider in The Christopher Inn if you are a current inmate of Eton College from the age of 14 it's half a pint, and from 16 a pint, but that's the maximum...

Hmm, and exactly how many ex-Eton "inmates" join the RN as Junior Rates? :?

Thingy said:
...In the RN Juniors have always been allowed to drink milk, when available, and water when not...

I think you've been reading too many historic novels and periodicals again... :oops:

Thingy said:
...I think reggies should set the example and renounce alcohol for life and become paid up members of the Aggie Appreciation Society...

Feck off! :twisted: :thumright:

I remember reading years ago, whilst reading hardcopy AIs (looooong before the days of t'internet) that Juniors (at the G Spot, V Place and Fisgard) got a daily milk ration to aid bone growth - getting deprived when Baroness Milk-Snatcher became Heath's Minister of Education. :lol: I should have known it was a joke! :oops:

Hmm, and exactly how many ex-Eton "inmates" join the RN as Junior Rates?

One of our former Conservative Attorney Generals left Westminster School at 15 to join the RN and attended the Eton of the RN.... the G Spot! 8)