Drinking in the UK is way too expensive


Lantern Swinger
whitemouse said:
gollyman said:
I went for an Indian buffet in Fareham a few weeks back. I was driving so odered a pint of Coke.


A pint of lager? £2.90

I asked the barman if he thought that was fair, and as is usual these days, he couldn't give a shit. Cheaper to buy a pint and risk getting caught than to be honest and stay sober. Sad days..

Tried an 'Eat all you can for £3.75 etc' buffet at a Thai/Chinese in the Angel - water was £2.00 per glass, so there was no way I was going to try an ale !

Last week at the Emirates- £3.20 for a 1/2 pint bottle of Fosters


Lantern Swinger
Tas-ape said:
I was reading this thread and suddenly remebered an incident that occured in my local about a month ago. As I work in the M.E. I started noticing wee subtle price changes regarding a pint of Guinness. I would go to work and the price woulf be...lets's say 2:30p. I would come back after a six week trip and it would be 2:40p. Just before I came back on this trip a pint now comes out at 2:80p, now having been educated to a degree where I know that I am being shafted and that something which costs 2:80 halfed should be 1:40p, how come a pint and a half comes to 4:26p. When I quizzed the landlady she said, oh well Bill thats just how it works out!!!.

When I first started drinking Guinness in Dumfries (only one pub sold it on draught-The Globe on the High St) it was 45p per pint, every thing else was about 30p and cider was only 20p! That was in 1978.