Drinking in the UK is way too expensive

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chinamatelot, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Good grief, look at the price of the coke! 18 quid for 6 of the beggers! That would feed a family of two thousand over here.

    Jeez! And what a service charge!

    And the tax! Wish I had a politician I could complain to!

    Mind you, some girls got lucky with all the Double Penetration going off (DP)! Not sure about the DP Rose - what's that all about?

    I'm off the shampoo for the moment, gives me a headache the next day....

  2. :drunken:

  3. think i was more shocked at the cost of Red Bull......ffs where do they get off charging these prices....
  4. Yes we know the prices are high to discourage people from drinking!

    Along with green taxes for flying and heavy tax on petrol/gas all to help the environment of course. :thumright:
  5. Mein Gott! you weren't over here binge drinking were you?
  6. Discourage people from drinking?
    Well it certainly hasn't worked in Sussex - social and piss up centre of the sunny south that it is :thumright:
    Strange though that the only place, to my knowledge, that has a 24hr tax free bar, is of course the Houses of Parliament.
  7. Ah ..... the Houses of Parliament bar ......... would that be the same bar where smoking is still permitted?
    Incidentally, here in sunny Cyprus, draught Keo (lager) is £1/pint, and a packet of 20 B&H is £1.90 - other brands are also available!
    Yup - still got all the bad habits!
  8. Both houses voted to ban smoking at the Palace of Westminster after the national ban came in.
  9. Does that include the dreaded weed ? ;) :thumright:
  10. Weed yes....skunk no :thumright:
  11. That is a hell of a mess bill. Be interesting to know whether he still thought it was a good idea in the morning when he sobered up.

  12. I was reading this thread and suddenly remebered an incident that occured in my local about a month ago. As I work in the M.E. I started noticing wee subtle price changes regarding a pint of Guinness. I would go to work and the price woulf be...lets's say 2:30p. I would come back after a six week trip and it would be 2:40p. Just before I came back on this trip a pint now comes out at 2:80p, now having been educated to a degree where I know that I am being shafted and that something which costs 2:80 halfed should be 1:40p, how come a pint and a half comes to 4:26p. When I quizzed the landlady she said, oh well Bill thats just how it works out!!!. A wee heated argument broke out but she finally relented and gives it to me for the proper price. I know six pence is knack all but its the principle of the thing. But for my birthday, I received on of those fifty can Guinness fridges - fully stocked and it's definately cheaper drinking in doors than going out.
    Just remembered the price of my first pint as a baby matelot in H.M.S. Raleighs NAFFI. Watneys Red Barrel. 16p
  13. Watney's Red Barrel (probably brewed in Poppleton's Brewery)! No wonder you drink Guinness now. Aversion therapy works!
  14. I remember finding a bar in Hamilton, Bermadoo back in 64 that sold Red Barrel, but they charged 10/6d (about 53p) a pint for it! In the UK at the time it was about 1/3d (7p) .......... how times change!
  15. Off the top of my head ( as opposed to out of it !), when I first started legal drinking, (1951) beer was a shilling a pint (5p) As a skilled workman 's top wage was about £8 per week, beer was quite an expensive luxury. I'ts far beyond my mathematical capabilities to work out the relative price nowadays as I am retired and don't know what the average wage is , but I am sure someone can. In my local, beer is about £2.50 a pint, more for fancy lagers and other young people's tipple. So I have a funny feeling that relatively speaking , beer is probably cheaper. I look forward to being disabused,otherwise I will lose my major gripe for the times I can afford to go round the pub.
  16. 1971 Bitter was 15 p a pint and if you were posh Lager was 19 p.
    Have you seen the price of PIMMs lately?
  17. Ronalder...£2-50 a pint ??? , my local charges £ 1-70 for bitter, £ 2-10 for Carling and £ 2-30 for Stella....almost as cheap as WMC.
  18. Ronalder, wouldn't it be cheaper drinking in your local RNA? A double tot of Pussers only costs £2 and a pint of best bitter is £1.75 any day of the week in my Crosby Branch. Even better still at happy hours.

    Bottom Gun
  19. Buy a crate in Lidels, works out about 60p per pint then you can drink it at home while enjoying a blueliner in piece.
  20. Notmechief makes an interesting point there. If the price of drink continues to increase, it is always going to be at its most expensive in pubs. According to CAMRA ( http://www.camra.org.uk/page.aspx?o=232930 ) who take an interest in these things, over 50 pubs are permanently closing each month. These pubs are part of our national heritage and are, arguably, a core part of our culture. The current knee-jerk reaction to "binge drinking", to drive up the price, isn't going to aid their survival.

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