Drink Problem?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Guzzler, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. The powers that be have now worked out that we have all been lying about the amount we drink due to twice as much being purchased as is drunk. Fair one.

    This means that all the BMA 'recommendations' are invalid, as we're all drinking twice as much as they thought but 'achieving' the same health results, ie it takes two times as much alcohol to fuck us up.

    Therefore it is perfectly safe to maintain, or possibly increase, one's alcohol consumption to no ill effect.

    I think.
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  2. Lets try and see
  3. I pre-empted this about 35 years ago.
  4. Sometimes when the dustman empties my bin the German cunt over the road runs outside, he thinks its Kristallnacht all over again.
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  5. It's like smoking, doc say's to me about the perils. but hey hoy caught the bugger buying 20 fags in the spar shop.
    As for the booze Mp's clamoring for a 45p per unit min cost as they slurp in there subsidised trough courtesy of us plebbs
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  6. Drinkings ok, it's the sobering up I hate.
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  7. The day the subsidised bars in the House of Commons are shut down, thats the day I will sign the pledge. So no chance, as always in this country, one law for the people and one for our masters.
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  8. Fully agree comrade (I've wanted to say that on here for years) - but no need to leave the pop alone surely?
  9. 6 tins per day per man from now on it is then.
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  10. Send someone round my house to enforce that fucker.

    Brunette if possible, with a couple of bottles of Gevrey Chambertain would be nice.
  11. Fixed that!
  12. Comrade?

    Well that IS a surprise Guzzler! :)
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  13. Had a few nice Sharpes the other night in't pub, went down very nice, also had a pleasant "hangover dump" the next day. Back on the Doom Bar for Saturdays SM2 re-union though as it appears I need to double my intake to keep within Government guidlines.
  14. Had one of these medical boffins visit our boat in SM 2 in the mid-70s. Asked me when I knew i'd had enough to drink.
    "When I have to use both hands to hang on to the floor."
    Abrupt end of interview.
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  15. Doctor asks man... how much do you smoke.............doctor mentaly doubles it
    Doctor asks man... how much do you drink ...............doctor mentaly trebles it
    Doctor asks man... how often do you have sex...........doctor mentaly halves it

    Many a true word !
  16. Drink, fcuk me what else is there to do in middle age??
  17. Isn't it! Beer is the great leveler!
  18. Buy a red open top sports car, shack up with the uni baby sitter and ditch the Mrs is the preferred option for many
  19. [​IMG] Says it all really.................
  20. (
    Ahem: As the hallowed soil of that particular region produces my favourite burgundy too, I'm duty-bound to remind Guzzler of it's correct spelling...

    (It's not often that the erudite comrade gets it wrong but the lateness of the hour of that post plus the distracting influence of that pipe-dream brunette seem quite acceptable as mitigating factors.)

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