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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by UncleAlbert, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Just when you thought you`d seen everything their lordships pull another stunt.

    It seems the White Ensign is to be be copyrighted as a commercial logo and licensed for use on products such as computer games and soft drinks. Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, the First Sea Lord, said: "In looking at new ways of communicating with our audiences, licensing and merchandising our brand and placing it firmly on to the high street is an exciting and obvious area to try to exploit."

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  3. Can you imagine the Devonport fleet bearing the Trago Mills Logo!!....I'd pay my taxes to see that!!
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cap Tallies will lose the ships names and become advertising space. Any suggestions? I'll start off with

    1. Anne Summers for the Sailors, Female, to wear
  5. 2. Poundshop...where we get all our stuff!
  6. id like some white ensign speedo's.
  7. How about the Rampant "Jack" Rabbit.
  8. I fear this could backfire if it becomes too popular and ultimately goes the same way as Burberry, etc and becomes Chav UK!

    Does this mean that we can look forward to a boost in welfare funds, etc or is the cash more likely to end up being soaked up by the treasury?

  9. It will help pay EDS £4billion for a MOD computer that won't work.....the one that will screw up your pay!!
  10. So I'll finally be able to but myself an inflatable Stoker from Pusser? They'll go down a treat at the next Pride! 8) :lol:

  11. Did you mean "buy"??? either could work in the sentence!
  12. You do all realize that sailors hats will become all the rage and will put the table tennis bat manufacturers out of business - slogan on billboards...

    [align=center]The new RN Hat Bat - Bat for the Navy whilst you wear The Hat!

    Comes with a choice of cap tallies: choose your favourite ship!
    A real sailor with tie it for you![/align]

    Would go down great with the kids! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The money should go to the RNBT. If it raises billions, then it could pay for new ships... :idea:
  13. I'll have one too, in case the real one I own stops functioning!
  14. :oops: I did indeed mean buy. Or perhaps I'll get one sent to me with my annual copy of Broadsheet!
  15. All this talk of inflatibles is making me nervous! :?
  16. How about an inflatable navy, for the next Review. It'll impress the public, save the Treasury money and be a joke to our enemies, but who cares these days. :x
  18. Inflatible Navy? Keep it to yourself or we'll end up with Halfords winning the next Fleet Maintenance Contract with dozens of 16 year old spotty kids running around with puncture repair kits.


  19. Already sounds like DML to me!
  20. Take pity on a civvy - acronyms. What does DML stand for imom?

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