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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by daffy1, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. I know i am gonna get flamed for this now. But i am just after advice only please.
    I recently left the marines, but i got done for drink driving 5 years ago while i was still serving. (i got caught the day after) , and YES i got severly punished. Any way i got my self sorted and have been T total ever since cause i have been so ashmed of my self.
    As i have recently left and not enjoyed civie street i am looking at joiing back up, would i have to declare this, if so no probs, would this have any impact on me re-joiing.
    As mentioned i am not after a flaming just useful advice.
  2. I would not think it would hamper you re-joining dafs as it is probably a spent conviction, as you say you will fessup anyway, get yourself down to your AFCO....... PDQ :)
  3. I got in contact with the AFCO and they said it should not have impact on you rejoiing, but just wondering if anyone else have been in a similar situation.
  4. I think because it's 6 years ago you don't have to disclose it but do check it as I'm not entirely sure but it is certainly the case for other minor offences.
  5. Hopefully ninja-stoker can help me out on this, so i can get the forms sent off and get the ball rolling
  6. I will have to declare it on MOD Form 1109, but at the moment i have MOD Form 493, and after reading it, its pretty confusing, hence the advice.
  7. Aye wait for NS or SM to come along they will give you the relevant info you require. If not speak to your AFCO
  8. Also...SgtP will (should be) be all-about on that stuff....he'll be lurking somewhere.....they all used to :)
  9. OK i will wait for them before i send the forms off.
  10. Fair play to you Daffy for giving up alcohol after it. How did you cope not drinking while in the Marines though?!!
  11. I remember lining outside the COs office thinking ohh s**t, it was just after we got back from Iraq, and i know it sounds silly but there was 12 of us outside all done for drinking, so it kinda made things a bit less stressfull. I was thinking thats me getting booted out but i did not and i was just gonna be happy what ever came my way. Anyway that was a big enough incentive for me to stop, and after seeing these adverts on t.v that was when i made my final decision. As for not drinking in the marines, that was pretty simple, as soon as i got my licence back and paying a fortune for insurance, i went in to town with the lads but as a nominated driver so they all paid me a couple of quid, but they all understand. Some use to say dont be to hard on your self, as they use to say 'you wont be the first and you wont be the last' but for me that was enough.
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If you went for an interview without coffee then it'll be in your service records, so the Corps will know about it when they look at your records before you re-join.

    Have a beer and chill out daffy... :p
  13. I am looking at joining the navy, gotta get a decent trade behind me this time. And i have had my fair share of the middle east hence not the marines but the navy. I know it will be in my personal records, and it is a spent conviction cause it has been 5 years +. I just dont want it to affect me rejoiing, as you can tell it is alittle worring.
  14. :)
    Hi Daffy,

    Supermario here with some advice.

    When rejoining the services you will firstly need to take in your previous service paperwork (Discharge paperwork, previous pay slip etc) into the AFCO. They will then send off for your previous medical doc's and proof of service for pensions etc. The AFCO staff will then have to ask for permission to process from the drafting desk in Pompey they will say yea or nay.

    Once that is done we can then take you through the selection (RT, Interview, Medical and PJFT). During the selection we will have to get security clearance (unless you rejoin before 12 months after leaving), during this clearance you will need to own up to any dealings with the police or the courts as the vetting agency will pull your police record. They are looking for a match to prove that you are not hiding anything.

    So in honesty it shouldn't stop you re-joining the RN. But you do really need to honest with the careers staff.

    Best of luck with getting into the RN


  15. OK thanks supermario, i am joining with in my 12 month period, but its just good to hear from the horses mouth so to speak. I will declare it on the MOD form 493 then. I will keep every one updated. I know of a few people that want to rejoin but have been on the wrong side of the law for what ever reason whilst serving and are worried that they might not get accepted.
    But thanks anyway.
  16. Well i have just sent all the forms off, and declared it, honesty is the best policy after all, thanks
  17. That's good, Daffy - let us know how it goes.

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