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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by munch, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Hello.
    I`ve just got my date to start Raleigh. Went out last night & got drunk, drove a mates car & got caught. Will be done for the obvious plus driving without a licence & no insurance. I will not hide any of this from AFCO, i know i will be disqualified from driving for a period of time, but as i have not got a licence this will start from when i eventually obtain one. Will this affect my joining when i`m supposed to?
  2. How long is it before you are expected to start at HMS Raleigh?
  3. middle of june!
  4. Oh FFS, here we go again!
  5. Munch

    There are two Royal Navy AFCO Recruiters who contribute to this forum; neither seems to be around at the moment but by tomorrow one of them is bound to have seen your thread and will have advised you.
  6. What have the Police said to you about what will happen next?
  7. Don't expect to join the navy this year.
    I don't know how the RN view your offenses but I certainly would'nt want you on my team. A young drunk who drives while not having either licence or insurance does not deserve a place in the RN. :twisted:
  8. Would've thought that you would've tried to stay out of trouble, mate. :(
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm afraid any one of your 3 serious motoring offences is a show stopper for joining.

    A waiver can only be considered for one or two serious motoring offences after the fine has been paid, the ban fished & a period of rehabilitation, as advised by your AFCO has elapsed - even then it cannot be guaranteed & nor is it a right.

    You have no option to inform your AFCO as you have signed a post interview caution stating that you understand that you must notify them of any police involvement.
  10. how about a ban for speeding??? on my way home from my RT i was stopped for doing 105 :( i know... stupid, but i guess the adrenalin and excitment of passing clouded my judgment.

    i havent been to court yet, but am expecting a 28day ban and a fine. or 6 points and a fine... so i wont be able to further my aplication until the ban is over and the fine is payed??
  11. Is it my imagination or is this newbies turning into some sort of court of appeal or effing confession box?
  12. Munch

    Your ban starts from the date that you are sentenced by the court. It does not matter that you dont have a licence.

    The length of your ban will be affected by two things, these being

    a) The level of alcohol when the police station test was carried out and
    b) Whether you accept the drink drive referral course which you will be offered by the court at the time of sentence (if you complete it sucessfully, your ban is reduced by 25%)

    Hope that helps

  13. mr2_paul

    If they ban you, the period is between 7 and 56 days.

  14. FFS, who said ` We are getting a better class of recruit nowadays?`

    In my opinion the first one should be in the Slammer till trial, then the Slammer again.
  15. If it's drink driving. The ban is at least ONE YEAR.
    Then driving without insurance, no problem until you come to need insurance, the insurance companies hate hose who don't bother with it so load them accordingly.
  16. im not the 1 who didnt have insurance, or was drinking.. i was just speeding. OEMECH1 was saying how long the ban could be...

    i know the guidelines the courts go by though, and the ban would be 28days and a £250 fine... or 6 points and a £250 fine,

    i just hope that the ban/fine wont affect my application coz i have my interview, medical and eye test in 10 days
  17. lol... you think i deserve to be thrown in the slammer for doing 105mph??? :D the copper told me that i should have put my foot down... he didnt record my reg number or anything. and he was in a focus diesel and i drive a 350bhp mr2 turbo 8) i could have done 180mph... i dont dare do that on the road tho. thats for track days
  18. But you didnt....and now you will suffer the conseqences! :twisted:
  19. yep... 6 years of driving and the navy has got me into trouble :( lol... nah. it was a moment of stupidity, i hopt the court go easy on me seeing as im hoping to join the forces
  20. have you got any points already?

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