drink driving and the navy.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ellisdove, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Hi ,

    Ok ill get to the point . I want to join the Navy so much ,but in 2008 I was convicted of drink driving (dr10) ,and banned for 12 months . Would this affect my application ?

    I know it was a stupid thing to do ,and I will not be doing it again .

  2. From what I read in BR0628 and 0627 you should be ok especially as it's finished. Tell you CA everything and you should be fine, I am sure Ninja or Supermario (People who actually know what they are talking about) will be able to clarify if I have got it wrong.
  3. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You've done the time as it were. I would have thought you would be ok but as Merlin states, wait for those in the know to pop along.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Drink Drive is classed as a serious motoring offence.

    Providing there were no other offences (no insurance, tax, accident or no licence held) and tne ban has expired, licence re-issued, then if there was a fine, it must have been paid.

    A fine carries a 5 year rehabilitation period from date of conviction however it's worth talking to your AFCO as there are times when a waiver maybe considered after 2.5 years have elapsed. It's not a right, but it's a consideration.
  5. So I should be ok then as long as I declare it to them etc ?
  6. Well if you don't they will find out about it anyway and then you will have problems for not being honest.

    You work it out.
  7. EllisD

    It is absolutely imperative that you are totally honest with the Careers Advisor about this.

    It is much better for you to be upfront about it and tolerate the consequences (possibly a wait before you can join), than to try to conceal it. I know that it might feel uncomfortable talking about it to the CA, but that feeling is nothing compared to the discomfort you will feel when your Security Clearance hits the skids because of an attempt to conceal an offence.

    Have you been in touch with your local Careers Advisors yet?
  8. Hi I have not started the process yet of any sort ,as I have not made my mind up on what job I want to do yet , I was thinking Personell Logistician . I will tell them everything they need to know ,conviction etc . Would this hinder my chances of doing this job ? I'm not going in as an officer ,as I do not have the qualifications to do so.
  9. EllisD

    I think that you should ring your local Careers Advisors tomorrow morning and ask about getting a space on one of their weekly Group Presentations; this will be an opportunity to hear about the different jobs available, what Basic Training is like etc.

    At the same time, when you speak to them to ask for a space, you should tell the CA on the phone that you are worried about how this conviction would affect your application.

    The definitive answer to your question is actually only going to be elicited by making a definitive enquiry to a Royal Navy Careers Advisor.

    Do you have their phone number? I can give it to you, so that you can give them a buzz when they open in the morning.
  10. Hi, yes that would be great! Please pm me the details if possible ,and again thanks very much for your help !
  11. You're welcome. PM is on its way.
  12. :roll: Dont worry loads of serving matelots, have had that fate befall them!!!!!!! You would have had extra punishment, in the navy :roll: When you returned from court..... you had to put in a request form, to the Captain for Consequential punishment ( Usually another fine and 14 days no 9s) :cry: :cry:
  13. Slightly blurred memory there scouse, neither 9s nor a fine were available as consequentials.
  14. :roll: Plese do enlighten me then!!!!!!
  15. If I remember correctly; removal of plain clothes privileges (long gone now), break in VG, discretionary character assessment, reversion, discharge Shore or discharge SNLR. This lot has all changed in the last few years as there is no longer VG conduct or character assessment as we knew it. Sorry, not trying to be a smart arse, just pointing something out.
  16. :roll: I was talking about 60/70s, im sure im not having a senior moment???
  17. I'm only going back to the mid-70s, but doubt that either would have been appropriate as a Naval Penalty (or as you quite rightly say 'consequential' Naval Penalty as it used to be). The reasoning behind it is long-winded but CNPs, illogical though it seems, were not punishments, they were administrative actions used to reflect unsuitability to hold a position. To try to compare with a civvy job, if you have a civil offence your company [/i]may reflect the matter in you appraisal report (VG conduct), remove you from your position (reversion) or dismiss you (discharge Shore/SNLR). A fine or curtailment of 'freedom' would be inappropriate and quite possibly illiegal.
  18. Alright mate, i was in the same position except i did my D&D when i was serving, and now i am rejoining, but as the others said just be open with the AFCO and mention it on the relevant forms. You are not the first nor will you be the last to be done for drink driving but do expect a grilling if and when the powers that be find out, but i guess we deserve it, and just be thankful that no one was injured or killed.

    Good luck.
  19. Used to be, amongst other things, Days pay + days leave + expences for your DO or other Naval representative, if he attended court. Not DD but other driving offence in a Pussers vehicle in my case :oops: :oops:
  20. :cry: Yes forgot about your DOs out of pocket expenses for attending court !!!!! Mind you the good ones, let you off :wink:

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