Drink culture in the RN,

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rookie-WWFC, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Obviously there is one, in your opinion's why is there one and how important is it.
  2. Matelots drink??? It's a lie started in the Naafi queue I tell thee!!
  3. Why is it "obvious"?, I'll have to think about that down the pub tonight
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    History. Tradition.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just to stress, it's an opinion, not a fact but possibly the reason there is a drink culture is because firstly there is a daily duty free allowance, which stems back to the days of Rum & the Lash.

    Unlike a civilian job where you don't usually sleep, eat & socialise at your place of work 24/7- In the service your recreation time (particularly when overseas) is spent with like-minded individuals. Often this will mean going out for a meal & a drink. As a civilian when you are off work, it isn't unusual to have a holiday overseas which often includes going for a drink - the service is no different other than you quite often find yourselves having random days off overseas.

    The other issue with the services is that if you perform well, you are not given cash reward, however it's not uncommon to be given either time off in lieu, a case of beer or both.

    You don't have to drink, it's up to the individual.
  6. Peer pressure remember!!
    Drinking and medical bars from entry makes me wonder (no alcoholics or alcohol dependants allowed entry)...
    Thinking about that then why on earth have many EX RN and many EX and serving soldiers in the Army too have told me its a drinking culture but on many years of service tends to screw your liver up by the time you are a civvi AGAIN.
  7. Anything to do with the cheaper beer?
  8. Depends where you are. When we were in Japan the drinks were far from cheap!
  9. Well maybe the fact you've got wages to spend? I had an Uncle in and he was meant to be able to handle his drink pretty well. I'm just trying to get some opinions perhaps start a bit of debate as opposed to the same old questions on this forum.
  10. Would you be kind enough to state what you understand by the term 'drink culture' please? We may then be in a position to comment more constructively...
  11. At £10 a pint during happy hour in Japan when I was there do you reckon it was cos we had wages to spend??

    When you're cooped up in a Type 42 for a fair old time away from family when you get ashore you're going to make the most of it.

    Unlike chavs, Matelots don't all drink at sea, don't all drink ashore. However in a lot of places there is little else to do.
  12. Jesus, if you think there is nothing to do but drink when ashore your in a bad way.
    You "roll off" occasionally, drink ...............then get back on. Maybe smoke a fag, or if like me you multitask do all three at once.
    What do you mean nowt to do?

    I must explain the basics of naval life to you.

    You spend your money initially on essentials, BEER, FAGS, WOMEN,

    You are then free to squander the rest
  13. That wasn't quite what I meant when I said there is little to do in some places! However, when you get one night run ashore in a foreign place that doesn't have much apart from a few hotels i.e certain places in India. At night you go an make the best you can of a crap place. If that means a mess run ashore so be it

    As for explain the naval life there is no need to take my word. Done plenty of your three essentials and more. :lol:
  14. India's a great run, try the Merchant seamans club just across from the Gateway to india, or what about "The cages".
  15. When we were pulling all the "Don't want to stay here folk out of Iran before the Ayatollah came to power India was our home base, have stacks of brill memories of the gaff.
  16. The history is that beer was drunk on RN ships (18th C) because the water was usually pretty foul, and rum (lots of it) was issued so that matelots were half pissed most of the time and fully pissed some of the time and thus worked without complaint. The tot issue continued into the 1970's and that, and cheap beer, led to many matelots developing alcoholism. Officers were usually not much better, with gin at two (old) pence for a double mixed with Angostura Bitters (free) and water (free) and a tradition of work hard and play hard. Many officers went from enjoying a drink or three to needing a drink or five or more. "Don't ask him to do anything in the afternoon" was a commonly heard comment. So there you are. Today the cause of too much pissing up in the RN is History, Tradition and the lad/ladette culture. The seeds of middle/old age illness are often sown in one's youth. "If only I could have my time over again ......!!"
  17. When were you last in India though? They weren't more than sh*t holes the places we pulled in to. However we made the best of them! The nights did consist of a few drinks.

    I didn't touch the cages when I went there one place I didn't want to put my knob lol I'm snaggy but not that snaggy
  18. Work hard. Play hard
  19. Yes, there is a drink culture but you are not forced to take part..
    Remember you cannot fill a full glass and a hand over a glass is a polite refusal.
    No one will hold a gun to your head and make you buy in rounds etc etc..to occasionally lead the charge to the bar as a token of generosity doesn't mean you have to hold that position for the rest of the evening.
  20. Do not get into a drinking competition with Arthur Seaton . :)

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