Drink and Drugs

Well its happened, weve already got no smoking anywhere up here,and now the police want ALL drugs to be legalised,and as there are to be warnings on your booze bottles,you know whats next, it wont be long before the lunatics well and truly take over the asylum, and people say stop going on about the good old days. sorry i cant help it,Im driven to distraction by these bl**dy do gooders ,what sort of life do they have?It must be sheer misery for them if they want us all to conform.Well this ole seadog aint.


Why is there only one Monopolies Commission?


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What do you think they will put on the booze bottles "warning this bottle of alcohol may make you drunk" or "warning this refreshment may make you regret drinking it tomorrow"
Anyone stupid enough to do drugs deserves whatever miserable existence they end up with. Let 'em get cracked up and the medical types can do testing on them instead of fluffy little bunnies, kill 2 birds with one stone and shut the animal rights protestors up as well.
There was/is a school of thought within the Police Service which supports the legalization of all drugs within the UK. Drugs would then be supplied and cost or subsidized and sold from a controlled outlet. Certain drugs would have to be consumed within the premises others at the softer end could be taken away.


1. A small black market would still exist to supply under age users.
2. Initially an upsurge in use would take place which would drop off after 1 or 2 year period, as seen in Holland
3. Various undesirables and drug users would be attracted from overseas
4. Persons involved in trafficking would move to other criminal activity


1. All drugs, the most lucrative type of street crime, would be removed from criminal activity except for the supply to minors.
2. Drug users would not have to commit Robbery, Burglary, Fraud, Prostitution, Theft to support their habit.
3. A large part of the social stigma would be removed allowing users to enter mainstream society
4. Criminal would have to revert to more overt types of crime to make profits and greatly increase the chance of detection.
5. Police would be able to re-deploy all the efforts currently involved in drugs detection. Providing of course government does not cut them back on the strength of the legalization.
6. Staff in both NHS and Social Services can deploy efforts away from drug abusers.

Just a few thoughts and yes I do have experience in this field. Me, on balance I go with legalization. Then of course I may have missed some really obvious problem. Any further sensible input would be welcome.

Like tabacco or alcohol some will always over indulge and become dependant.

I would never advocate the use of alcohol,tobacco, drugs or violence to anybody- but its always worked for me.


absum-im outa here.


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In theory, I am for total legalisation as long as the user does not take charge of a motor vehicle whilst under the influence. I know Keith Halliwell does not believe that legalisation could work, but taking some of the mystique away from hard drugs might reduce the stimulus to use and would remove the profit motive that gets organised crime involved in the supply chain.

One advantage that could be gained is that, if the government controlled supply, Uncle Gordon could reap another tax.

The answer can't be that simple, of course, or it would have been tried already. Wouldn't it?