drill :)

Happened all the time G_R with the old parade boots with the hell having a steel horseshoe insert......and Raliegh accom blocks built on hills. :toothy2:
He's RAF Regiment,WANKAS, it would never happen to Royal, oh no(Quickly checks to see if bruises are still visable from similar incident to self at Lympstonia.)
Pongo/Crabfat drill always makes me laugh all that stomping around.
Got me a nights worth of extra drill with a Regimental Policeman at a pongo gaff for laughing at a fat knacker Staff Sergeant coming to attention, his man boobs nearly knocked him out!
I had the last laugh cos all he could do was double me as he couldn't handle Royal drill, thick cnut, and in those days that was good fun.
Royal and Jack don't go stamping about, might wake up the WAFU's...but seriously folks, I think it has something to do with not wanting sparks caused by hobnailed boots in close proximity to Ammo Magazines on the Grey Funnel Lines assests.
So Royal and Jack, smartly, WAIT FOR IT, I say smartly bring their heels together with nary a knee bend, in my opinion far smarter and cool as all get out.


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Heard at the Royal tournament " Th e Army contingent will march into the arena, the Naval contingent will walk, and the RAF will do their best to get there all together 2


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Chief GI at Dartmouth, 1955: Day one: 'The naval march is an EASY march ..'

Also, at least with the Lee-Enfield, no Slope Arms onboard ship, only Shoulder in case bayonets get caught in the awning/deckhead/whatever.

And a Toothy who thought 'By the right, quick march', meant start with the right foot.
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