Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by steveh, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Im an exservice man and next week attending the funeral of a royal marine killed in afghan , i knew him and his father quite well and feel i must pay my respects .
    Do i wear my blazer and medals with corps tie and grey trousers (not sure about beret)
    or Black kit trousers , black tie
    i have posted this topic on several forums and i hope i can find a sensible answer here

  2. That rig seems totally appropriate.

    I would feel that If it was my kin, then I would be very happy. The beret should, I believe, be carried and only worn if others attending wear theirs

    Commiseration, to the family.
  3. My thoughts with you and the family

    I think the rig you described first is very appropriate.
  4. May I also add my sympathies to you and the family.
    Blazer and medals with corps tie and grey trousers sounds perfectly fine.
  5. Thanks for that , i have only had this misfortune of doing a military funeral once when i was a young Pte in the 80's , but i wore No 2's then

    Just for the record the funeral im going to is that of Corporal Liam Elms from Zulu Coy 45 Commando Killed in helmand on 31/12/2008
  6. Please pass on our heartfelt condolences Steve.
  7. i will indeed
  8. Well tommorows sunrise sees the day when Liam is given a full Military funeral , i have just finished pressing my Blazer and polishing my medals , there is expected to be in the region of 300+ attending , check the news tommorow, the last time i did a Military funeral was 23 years ago after a mate was killed in Kenya , im feeling very emotional tonight
  9. Perfectly normal Steve. Have a good cry and get it all out tonight. Stand proud and tall tomorrow for your friend.
    Then get a bit pissed and find things he did to laugh about with your mates.
  10. Good luck mate.
  11. I'm sure you are steveh.

    Be proud of your friend.

    RIP Liam.
  12. im havin my drink tonight , not too many mind, got to drive there tommorrow,, but will listen too his mates dits with pleasure
  13. I appreciate your wishing to wear what is correct but I am certain your friends family will be more than happy you are paying your respects to a lost son and hero. Your attire will be the last thing on their minds.

    My respects and commiserations to all in this most difficult of times. Let us only hope he is the last we lose.
  14. Corporal Liam Elms RM. We will remember him. I usually manage to maintain a stiff upper-lip until the playing of the Last Post. Gets to me every time.

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