Dress to impress for the Recruitment Test?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dr_Acula, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. I sound like a complete women here but oh well - Better safe than sorry!

    My RT is tomorrow for Officer recruitment and I'm not sure if I should wear normal clothes, a suit or something in between. I've heard that AFCOs aren't particularly fond of jeans, especially on Potential Officers.

    I'll certainly dress up for the interview, but I can't quite gauge the seriousness of the RT. Any advice would be appreciated!

    If you have any other advice about the RT, or if you're taking it tomorrow in Pompey, let me know!
  2. Are you a poet by any chance? :p

    But yes, when I sat my recruitment test, all potential officers wore suits or at least shirts and ties, but I'm not sure if it's compulsory
  3. I'm a poet and I did't have a clue! Maybe not then... :p

    Thanks for that - I'll iron my suit then! I'm hoping this test will be quite easy!
  4. I wore a shirt and trousers. Everyonelse was wearing casual clothes, but, as a potential Officer I thought it best to make a bit more of an impression without getting over excited and wearing a suit :wink:

    Best of luck! :)
  5. I would have thought that common sence would have led you to believe that if you wanted a career that bad and there was likely to be competition for a place in your chosen career you would dress to impress. You would present yourself as one who is well kempt, articulated, offers the employer what they want in a candidate, showing both initiative and keeness with a modicum of common dog fcuk. Of course I could be utterly wrong in which case turn up in nix and flip flops. Do tell us how you got on. :wink:

    Edit to add. Best of Luck and I do hope you pass!
  6. All potential Snottys must wear Mufti at the RT and AIB :lol: :lol:
  7. sorry for thread jacking here :D

    But i have my RT on friday, hoping to go in as an AET. I went out and bought a suit as i thought it would best to dress smartly, First impressions count and what not! Does anyone think they guys at the AFCO may think im overdoing it just for the RT ?
  8. Nope. You may think of it as being "just the RT", but it could define your future career. One lad was in jeans and the rest of us were dressed smartly so it was more the norm to make an effort for mine.
  9. Yeah, thats what i thought. Id rather be dressed smartly and stand out like a sore thumb, rather than turning up in trackies etc

    Thanks for you'r reply :)
  10. When I went for mine, the majority of us were wearing either a suit, or shirt and trousers. There was only one girl wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and she looked quite naff in comparison!

    Good luck!
  11. Merging two old sayings, a ship is known by its boats and by the quality of its correspondence. Appearances aren't everything but they certainly help when there's little else to go on.

    What have you got to lose? If you make the effort to dress smartly, you will certainly be taken more seriously than if you don't (unless you give cause to think differently). Well polished shoes rather than suede 'brothel creepers' or trainers are also recommended. One day, you may well come to regard a lounge suit as your 'other' everyday uniform, particularly if you end up working in the MOD or one of its outstations.
  12. I don't know if you've already met your ACLO yet, my RT is coming up soon and when I went for the video he wasn't there, so my first meeting with him is going to be immediately post RT. Even if you have already met the ACLO that doesn't mean you might not either bump into them in the corridor or they want a chat whilst you're in the office.

    Plus I'm off to work strait away afterwards so I'll just be wearing my work suit, people aren't necessarily going to look at you and think you're wearing a suit for the test.
  13. Yeah, suit it is. I want to make the best impression as i can!

    CmdKeen, let me know how you get on with your RT. Mine is on friday!
  14. Just though I'd let you know - RT wasn't hard at all. I didn't realise what little time we had on the first section and didn't work as quick as I should have done, missed out the last two!

    Definitely wear a suit. A guy turned up late wearing a shell suit. Delightful young man, he looked a right cock. Everyone else was wearing smart clothes. You won't be the only one in a suit, unless you are actually the only person there.

    Good luck those who are taking it soon!
  15. I think its easy to say that its easy after passing it, but I have heard a different story from others who had failed it.
    I passed and literally did about a days worth of maths revision. Doing STD (despite it not coming up) and mainly multipications and divisions (which was useful)

    Although I passed, I felt pretty bad reading on the PMRC forums that some of them had revised daily for 2-3 weeks..

    Oh and out of about 30 guys, 2 didnt wear suits, one was a rastafarian who turned up with about 5 kids in a pram and had an AFCO look after them whilst he took the test hahaha, and another was just a really strange guy who looked like 30s and kept twitching, but he was wearing a football shirt with what looked like golf trousers (he passed the exam funnily enough)
  16. There was no sexually transmitted desease section in my test either. :D
  17. what would be best for girls to wear? i'm still in college and i don't own anything apart from jeans! i turned up to my officer presentation in jeans, felt like a bit of a wolly compared to all the young graduates in suits, i dont think they minded because i was keen, asking questions etc but next time id rather not stand out like a sore thumb!


    you weren't at the manchester branch on the 28th were you?!

    thanks in advance
  18. I bet she passed though :twisted: :D

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