Dress Sword HMS Argent 1795

Discussion in 'History' started by Barnacle1, Apr 4, 2016.

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  1. My father, who passed away last year was a Commander Fleet Air Arm and had a dress sword engraved: Captain Robert Manners Sutton, HMS Ardent 1795. I am very happy to have this hanging on the wall but feel obliged, on behalf of the family to ascertain what its monetary value might be. Scabbard, belt and clasps. Dad would have thought this enquiry prudent. Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. I will give you £2:50 and a couple of tots
  3. Barnacle

    This sword is going to have more than one value. It will have a value for insurance purposes and a different value at auction.

    It might be worthwhile asking an auction house which holds regular sales of such items for an approximate valuation.
  4. Does the chap by the Victory who buys and sells military stuff still exist ,it might be worth giving him a ring to get ball park figure (seen him on Flogit/ antiques roadshow.
  5. Bit of history for you:-

    HMS Ardent at the Battle of Camperdown. (1797)

    Ardent was a converted East Indiaman and was in the thick of the fighting and took 98 cannon shots in her hull alone. The ship also had the highest number of casualties of any British ship - 41 men killed including the Captain and 107 injured.
  6. Thank you to everybody for the responses to my enquiry. Much appreciated.
  7. I took a closer look at the date with a hand lens. What I thought was a 5 is actually a 3, i.e. 1793, which might fit better with the chronology.
    Thank you.

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