DREAM on - Illegal Immigrants in the USA

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. For Jarhead :bball:

    The US Department of Defense is pressing the Republican Administration to legalise the estimated 15 million illegal immigrants in the USA in order to provide more recruits for the military


    Officials Hope to Rekindle Interest in Immigration Bill Provision
    By Donna Miles
    American Forces Press Service

    WASHINGTON, June 11, 2007 – A senior defense official expressed hope today that a provision in the stalled immigration bill that would have allowed some undocumented aliens to join the military won’t fall off the radar screen.
    The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, or DREAM, provision in the immigration bill was expected to help boost military recruiting, Bill Carr, acting deputy undersecretary of defense for military personnel policy, said today during a telephone conference with veterans’ group representatives.

    The DREAM provision offered a way for high-achieving children of undocumented or illegal residents to join the military and, ultimately, become citizens, Carr explained.

    “In other words, if you had come across (the border) with your parents, yet you were a minor child and have been in the U.S. school system for a number of years, then you could be eligible to enlist,†he said. “And at the end of that enlistment, then you would be eligible to become a citizen.â€

    Because the provision would have applied only to the “cream of the crop†of students who have demonstrated top aptitude, it would have been “very appealing†to the military, Carr said. “It would have been good for readiness,†he said.

    While President Bush returns to Washington to help revive the stalled immigration reform package, Carr said talk is already taking place to see if at least the DREAM provision of the stalled bill can proceed.

    At this point, he said, “we are not sure if the Congress would be interested in resurrecting that segment of the bill.â€

    Certain non-citizens have been eligible to enlist in the military since the Revolutionary War. Today, about 35,000 non-citizens serve in the military, and about 8,000 permanent resident aliens enlist every year, said Marine Maj. Stuart Upton, a Pentagon spokesman.

    The 2006 National Defense Authorization Act established uniform citizenship or residency requirements for enlisting in the military. President Bush's executive order allowing non-citizens to apply for citizenship after only one day of active-duty military service remains in effect, Upton said.


    What is really funny is that a group of Hispanic US National Guard soldiers deployed to the border to attempt to stop illegal immigrants crossing into the USA have just been arrested. For smuggling illegal immigrants across in their National Guard vehicles :thumright:

  2. Hmmm, join the forces so that you can become a Citizen?? That reminds me of the film "Starship Troopers"

    I wonder what other Hollywood inspired political ideas are going to be used next?
  3. That's not really a new policy per se, they have been doing that for quite some time, but the standards have been lowered... :hockey:

  4. On May 12th Spc Alex Jiminez, a US soldier was captured in Iraq. Al Qaeda have claimed responsibility and no-one knows whether he is dead or alive.

    His wife lives in the USA but is classed as an illegal immigrant; apparently Spc Jiminez went to Iraq without completing some paperwork for his wife's Green Card application.

    The Department of Homeland Security is presently beginning proceedings to send her back to Mexico. If they are successful she cannot be allowed back into the USA for a minimum of 10 years.

  5. I think Bush has been talking to Blair. Must think that the way we treat our Gurkha's is the way to treat loyal foreign soldiers willing to die for the country.

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