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En suite showers but no towels? There were towels the last time I dropped in, er, 5 years ago.

Breakfast exceeded expectations, as did my cabin. I haven't stayed in Service accommodation so splendid since I stayed in a Crab Air WO & Sergeants' Mess.

Irons are available from the Hall Porter.

Did I bite?


War Hero
The papers aren't ironed but a serving wench will turn the pages of your breakfast broadsheet unbidden. The same serving wenches will help less cultured and capable officers with the bigger words in the lesser papers.

If apricot jam is passed off as marmalade and it's in 'portion control' sachets, complain.
Towels were there when I was last around.

They're hidden away though and you'll have to ask the hall porter. They used to be found in the cupboard under lock and key with the irons! If that's changed or not though I'm unsure, as all this is half a year out of date give or take
Since when did nautical types do civilised things like washing n stuff? :D
Coming from an ex pongo that’s petty harsh.
As an ex Sun dodger I used to have a 30 sec (liked wasting water) shower every day, unless under the ice or the water maker was broke, then it became sometimes. We used to have a 3 feet rule, if anyone could stand within 3 feet of you, you did not need a wash.
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