Dragon Oil Shares

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Did anybody buy any shares in this company back in the late 90's? There was a buzz going around about them.
    I bought in and they are worth quite a bit now.
    There is a vote on a takeover on the 11th, so best dig out your share certs.
  2. Nah!!! It wouldn't work with my proven investment strategy; Buy High - Sell Low. It's never failed me yet. :oops:

  3. Always read the small print.... 'Prices may fall as well as plummet'!
  4. We obviously went to the same Business School - Yes, I bought and then I ditched them in favour of some equally useless "investment"

    My strategy has changed fundamentally since then and I now invest in liquid assets (beer and wine being the most favoured!)

  5. My £100 investment in 1997 is now worth £800 plus.

    Was a massive buzz going round the military, there are at least 4 ex crabs here with some!!
  6. JFH, You misunderstood my post, I do not wish to imply that the investment today is useless but my Financial Advisor certainly felt that it was THEN and shifted my investment into something that earned HIM commission and me a pile of paper that also went nowhere at the time.

    Well done for keeping the faith.
  7. Sorry matey, just reading it too quickly.
  8. Any one want some Norton shares? Ive got loads

    Edi7ed due 7o 5h1t tIping
  9. Got some in Woolworths and MFI !!!!
  10. You are not my brother are you?

    We sold deceased mums house six months BEFORE the housing boom
    Invested all the money made in SHARES eight weeks BEFORE 9/11

    The latest letter from the RBS
    We are PLEASED to inform you that your account made a loss of £2112 this year

    Jack McH
  11. Sold mine earlier this year when they fell to 129p as I needed the cash toute suite. :banghead:

    Shame they didn't reach their potential of £12.58

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