Dragging the punters in or getting them to return

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by NotmeChief, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. There have various threads about the lack of subscribers to RR and 'how to' on getting more people into the board.

    On one of the boards I subscribe to, we always get an email when a post is made in a thread we have contributed to which has a link back to that thread.

    Would it not be possible to have the same system with this board?

    Just another suggestion in the hopes of making it the success it should really have.
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    If you go into your account settings there is an option for the site to send you an e-mail when a post is replied to. It would drive me mad to be honest.

    Good post though, hopefully it might stimulate some interesting debate on how we get more people in the door.

    You beat me to it LTCOOTB :thumright:
  3. chieftiff to the rescue again. What a scholar!!

  4. There are 6559 members, its not getting them, it`s getting them to say something.
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

  6. Quite frankly i can see why alot of the old sweats are voting with their feet and thinning out. When we are subjected to bone questions such as.....

    What type of underpants should i take to Raleigh??

    What type of iron do i need to take to Raleigh??

    I really want to join UKSF how do i apply and what eyesight quality do i need??

    I want to be a "Marine" (no Royal in there) how do i apply??

    And the numeous other utterances that we on here are subjected to by people who cannot be arsed to open their eyes and find out for themselves. The question is how they think people found out about joining before the outset of the internet??

    Yes i can opt out of this site (i probably will) but for Fcuk sake when are people going to use their swede and find out for themselves the information needed without having to post such shite!!!


    Ninja-stoker you are a more patient man than i mate!!
  7. I could poke another fight with brazzers - wet mud etc ??????
  8. Well if you do GR don't put it on youtube, we want it on here :thumright:
  9. As usual, an extremely helpful reply, have you ever thought that you might be part of the problem? FFS why do i bother. Over to you smart arse.
  10. Of RR 6563 members, how many can be considered active?
    There are 2692 members who have never made a posting, a further 908 who have posted only once. These members make up more than 50% of the membership total.
    Higs states that it's not the numbers of members which make a site but the input from members. He was looking for serious methods of increasing the exceedingly small number of members who post regularly.
    The Matelot in his wisdom once again brought up a completely irrelevant fact, perhaps he should change his name to "Ships Bitch"
    Now how about some serious suggestions as how to increase the numbers of regular contributors?
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Thankfully of the 908 that posted to ask what size suitcase to take to Raleigh, 908 never came back! I'm assuming the 2692 read the answer and thought they had learnt enough.

    Serious suggestions are welcome, daft suggestions also welcome but deserving of a daft response.

    I'm not sure that the combined thoughts of RR; young, old and bold really know the answer or share the same opinion. It's possible that we have reached our terminal membership although judging by the size of arrse I'd guess not. My guess is that different people want different things, there are a lot of matelots on arrse who never post on here (at least I don't think so) and others that do, I use both and obviously there is ROMFT used by many on here and E-Goat by a few.

    The site seems to go up and down, again I'd guess that was dependent on what was happening on the other sites people use and how interesting they are at the time. I've noticed that when we have a bickering session on here usage goes up then dramatically drops off. Up when people get involved and down when people have had enough and want to go away for their entertainment, returning when the dust has settled. I guess with the relatively small active membership the site will always be a bit cyclic.

    So, how do we get more people in..................?
  12. I posted a suggestion a while back, could we look into embedding an arcade on the site (see a few posts down in the forum). Repsonses? Nil. My reasons for, it would get people in, playing games (timewasting varies),you can post scores, leagues, challenges etc, settle arguments, take on the pongos, maybe a few posters will stay to trade insults with Hig when he opens his window to shout at the kids kicking the ball in the street. Anyway, just one small idea...
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    [​IMG] Yep, well it's my day job for my sins. Frankly I feel the same as most regarding some of the questions but it's bad form to tell an enquirer to do one. Apparently.

    I have to say I always chuckle about the Royal prefix too. I have the upmost respect for the Royals, in fact rather controversially I'd go so far as to say their official website is vastly superior to the official RN version.

    But... it's the Royal Navy too & I've always resisted the temptation to insist on being referred to as a Royal matelot. :dwarf:

    How do we get more people to post?

    Not sure really, but from personal experience trying to run a site exclusively for a particular specialisation (in my case for Marines of the Royal variety because it's blummin' difficult to recruit them & "every little helps") there are a few things that may help here, albeit the prmc (Potential Royal Marines Course) site membership is under 1000, but active members number over 500 posting in the last 30 days from 53 countries & a half million page views in that period.

    Firstly the "Google factor" helps big time. Whereas Rum Ration is not even on the first page if you try a "Royal Navy" search, if you Google "prmc" it's top on page one. Granted only those interested would bother, but that's exactly the intention.

    The big snag is those who have served scaring off those that wish to join & those currently serving, let's be honest, are crippled by several factors:

    1. Fear of being identified expounding a controversial view in the public domain & being subject to repercussions.

    2. Far too busy & pre-occupied trying to do their job & actually keep it, rather than being able to afford the time to chew the cud on here.

    3. The intelligence to know that the site is not particularly currently representative of those serving, but populated largely by those who have served, some very briefly, but feel at liberty to give those serving, or about to serve, 'hard times' because they've little better to do with their copious amounts of free time.
  14. As with most techno thingies nowadays Sites can have a 'floating' membership where people join, find out what they want and then pish off.
    This would account for a large number of the Non posters, come in ask a question about the RM, for example, get an answer and either loose interest or go to the AFCO and take matters further.
    Others may cease posting because of work, family or other commitments. Others still simply because they have a cyber stoush and can't be ferked anymore.
    I think we have enough Fora (Fauna, Flora??) at the mo with enough variation within those to please most folk. (My Laura Ashley fetish excepted, but then I just go straight to her site when I feel that particular need.).
    Perhaps the COs could do a bit of 'weeding' and thin out some of the Non Posters, ie 18 Months and no post delete the account, I know this might affect advertising revenue so maybe not an option.
    Another idea would be after a lengthy absence an auto email, if the members email address is available, could be sent to reminding them what a great bunch of people we are and would they like to come and post something pretty please and could they forget what the nasty NZB said about the Grip and the Iron and the Hair Gel.
    Will think on anymore impossible solutions and post them next time I have a copious amount of free time!! :thumright:
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Look everyone!!!

    There's one of those people I was talking about with all that free time !!![​IMG]
  16. Damn rumbled again...hold on that sounds like the wife coming down the hall to my 'Den'...
    "No dear I'm not on Rum Ration... I'm on that Porn site with the smally boys again"
  17. One of the main reasons people leave forums is over zealous moderation. Mods should look out for overly offensive material etc. not jump on people who are having a cyber scrap, Jack & Royal love nothing more than a bit of extreme banter in real life and the same holds true on here.
    I am a member (he he he, he said member), of another forum and constantly get banned for 3 days at a time for venting my opinions, the last mod who banned me gave the lamest reason I have ever heard.
    The bottom line is that people will always leave and may or may not come back, it is difficult to keep interest. The main thing is that RR is still here so something must be working.
  18. Seems that, statistically speaking - AAC has the top spot with regards
    to current posts - 5618.

    Your good self at this time if the stats are correct - 2427

    Keep striving/loafing/earning money under false pretences
    and you will eventually get there!


    This is what happens when you can't login on RumRation.
    It can be pretty stressful at times:-

    "Scuse me....but my Computer won't let me get on RumRation...
    any chance y'can fix the bleedin' thing then???"

  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    For "smally boys" read "sheep" in NZ... :twisted:
  20. Well I'll state my oft stated opinion that the site went downhill when the gash barge was moved off the front page. The name of the forum alone was very witty - someone got scared off and felt the site had some sort of 'official' role. As before stated I have to conclude that one of the owners has given away his identity to his boss and gave in to some sort of pressure from above.

    Thank goodness the pongos have bigger balls!


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