drafting in RFA

You sign on for 3 month stints.

So you'll do a 3 month draft and then you 'pay off' for a couple of months, which means technically you are unemployed until your next 3 month stint.

For some reason the terms of employment for Officers and Ratings are very different and Officers generally get a much tidier deal with more leave.
2DD's info is waaay out. Valid for some commercial outfits, but not RFA.

Standard appointment length is 4 months, for which you earn just shy of 3 months paid leave. Officers and ratings now get very nearly almost the same leave and I think it's as of next year that it is exactly the same.

It is salaried with a permanent contract.
so, you do 4 months on an RFA ship....then you are off for 10 weeks or so...?
that sounds great...??

what about the job..what are the conditions like..?
accommodation onboard....routines.....as much bullsheet as the RN...?
what is the deck hand job like...what duties do they do...what about if your ship is alongside...?

what happens after your 8 weeks leave..? do you go back to the same ship...?

I have no idea but am interested..

I want to say it's 80-something days leave for a 4 month trip, but I can't remember. Leave is sacrosanct, so if you come back from leave early your unused leave stays in the bank. Likewise if you attend a course during your leave period the days you are on the course are returned to you as leave. Leave often overruns into "continuous pay".

Accommodation for 'crew' (the preferred term for JRs ;)) is variable. On the newer ships it's single berth cabins with a shared en-suite shower/toilet. Older ships have single cabins with larger shared separate showers and toilets. On one ship (Diligence) you could theoretically end up sharing a twin cabin if a full Naval Party was embarked, but I've never heard of it happening in recent history (I only have to mention it 'cos someone brought it up on the medtech thread).

Less bullshit than RN but the quantity is increasing, mostly borne by the deck officers.

Deck ratings (the only 'ABs' on an RFA, rated SG2 (trainee), SG1B (newly qualified), and SG1A (holds an actual Able Seaman's certificate)). ABs keep bridge watches at sea (1 or 2 on a watch), man the gangway in harbour (2 on day watch, 2 on night watch). Otherwise daywork 8am to 5pm engaged on the usual seamanship tasks, the exact nature of which will vary from ship to ship.

After your leave you could go back to any ship in the fleet. There is constant talk of repeat appointing but at the moment it only really applies to senior officers.

However, you'll be lucky if they are recruiting for deck ratings. Rating recruitment overall has been frozen or very slow recently and lots of ABs invited to leave under VERS. They have however promised to maintain recruitment so as not to have the dreaded empty bubble...
it states on the RFA career part of the website they are after deck hands...

leave the RN, do that and have a less hassled, less bollix life style........yeh..?


it states on the RFA career part of the website they are after deck hands...

leave the RN, do that and have a less hassled, less bollix life style........yeh..?
Somebody's not happy......

Thought you wanted back in the surface fleet?
hiya im also interested in joining as a deck hand in rfa but have no standard grades. im a ex fisherman but. would i be able to get in with out any grades, cheers
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