drafting from phase 3 to ship

Hoping for some help, our upo is full of civvies you can't get a straight answer from and our DO is a complete waste of time.

Im due to leave killiks course in 2 weeks (sultan) wanted to know if im entitled to:

- Help moving kit
- Relocation leave
- Warrants from home to ship

Im being drafted non - preference to plymouth and i've literally recieved the assignment order today. Thanks for any advice.
With regards for help moving kit- here's a note from a memo posted to my unit:

1. From 01 April 2015, there has been a change of contractor for movement of personal MFO boxes. All personnel must use Agility logistics for movement of MFO Boxes (personal effects).
2. The following procedure is required for completing the movement of personal MFO Boxes:
a. Individual to register with Agility GRMS, if not already using facility (Password will be issued on registering) using the following link: https://grms.agilitylogistics.com
b. Use same link, book movement of boxes to draft location. Draft assignment reference number, date, location and contact details will be required to complete form. Naval stores hold all correct location details if required.
c. Print the completed form. Please check the details are correct before signing the certification and acceptance of conditions.
d. MFO Boxes are to be correctly mark with the following details and handed into the Naval Stores with the completed form:
UBM Reference Number (Top of the completed form)
Number, Rank and Name
Full Postal Address
Number of boxes (i.e Box 1 of 3)
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