Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in RN

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Mar 18, 2008.

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  1. draftie has been good to you, and allowed you to join any branch for the job of your choice (any rank any position)

    What is your choice of the best (and worst) jobs going????

    Should provoke some discussion! :dwarf:
  2. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    Drafty has been pretty good to me and the drafts i had that i didnt fancy i got them binned

    Places to avoid: England - my draft Culdrose

    best draft for me was 30 months in Gibraltar married accompanied

    presently i'm drafted to Illustrious and on JPA it clearly says draft to avoid CVS

    But 15 yers on sweepers and i'm cacking myself
  3. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    Good drafts all of them really.

    The only 'bad' one (but ended up well as I received an unexpected B13 :) ) was being drafted to Lee On S, which I had had no knowledge of.

    It turned out that an exchange USN Officer decided to sign my pre-draft notification without informing me, and the Capt's Office (as it was known in those days) not noting that the signature and names were completely different :shock: - scribes at their best I think there .....almost destoryed my marriage as she thought it had been done deliberately.
  4. Best Draft: Diego Garcia (Twice)
    Worst Draft: Faslane, after having had a fantastic 18 months at Portland!
  5. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    Best draft : Malabar in Bermuda.
    Worst Draft; Shore Collingwood - instructor. Soul destroying
    Sea Ark Royal - Flat top, says it all.
  6. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    Best: RNH Haslar as a skin young Lt living in the Sister's Mess with over 30 female nursing officers! Doesn't get much better than that.
  7. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    Worst draft S.M.1 Spare crew. Best was Dolphin working in the foundry, a 4 day week.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Best: Diego Garcia
    Worst: HMS Nottingham
  9. Best RFA DILLIGENCE NP1600 Gulf 88
    Worst by a fecking mile GANGES.

    Old shipmate off the Cherry B got a draft to DAUNTLESS the old WRNS Training School. He had a knob like a fighting dogs ear after 9 months with 300 trainee WRNS who weren't allowed ashore for the first 6 weeks.
    And he was an ugly fecker with a manky set.
  10. I think this has been done before, but what the.........

    Worst ever draft - 2 years stuck up a crane in RNAD Coulport. Not a draft for the faint hearted.

    Best ever draft - Torpedo Trials Unit.
    Legging it around Scotland on full subbies staying in hotels. I actually drew more expenses than pay!
  11. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    Best Draft: It's a draw, Puma and Castland Hill W.T.

    Puma, I wasn't in the Greenies mess, put in the jungle with the biggest bunch of "Jolly Boys" ever. No surprise that I was awarded a "V.G.Mod" a little under a year later!

    Castland Hill W.T. for the work and watchkeeping routine. Cycle was: Friday 09:00 until Monday 12:00, 24 off, Tuesday on, 24 off, Thursday on, Weekend off, Monday on, 24 off, Wednesday on.........8 days off!!!

    Best number? Easy, Bin Man in Collingwood, Blue Card. Our kids ex-shipmate sorted it when I'd finished killicks course.
    I think, three mornings a week, ( someone had to do Saturday Mornings ), met Fareham corpo wagon at the main gate, hanging off the back for an hour or so then off to the W.r.n.s. quarters for tea.

    About oneish each day, to the piggery, hop on the back of a flat bed, with one side board and a tail gate. Hanging on as we tore round the galleys, picking up pigswill, then back to the piggery to offload, then finish!!
    Health and Safety, what Health and Safety?? Day done!
  12. Currently 6 months into my best draft - 3 years in Las Vegas

    Not sure I've ever had a bad draft, kinda make the most of each and everyone of them
  13. Pig Farm - Culdrose
  14. Best

    Now - Sultan

    available for sea from October 2007, now been extended till Jan 2010 becasue none else wants to come here - Afghan, Basra you can keep the extra £12 per man per day.


    hasnt happened yet but my terminal draft will be the worst one - please give me 2OE (15)
  15. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    Best draft,1st.FTB Sqd out of Vernon and Portland,worst, I dont think there was on although Northwood/Warrior (so many jennies so many Wrafs so little time).Was to say the least an experience. :whew:
  16. Best sea going draft Conx

    Best shore based...HTS from Sultan on the old Diamond and Hardy alongside her.
    I remember Diamond having a fire in the galley early 1 morning, virtually sealed her fate really.

    Best number, Captains Gardener, Collingwood in the mid 70's......I knew feck all about gardening, (still dont)....didn't need to though they had Civvy gardeners to do the job......Blue card job for 6 months.

    Do they still have numbers like that?
  17. Best seagoing: Toss up between CONX (1st commish) and VALIANT (2nd commish).
    Best shore: Cammell Lairds, standing by CONX. Was there that long (due to the sabotage) I almost got a season ticket at Anfield.
  18. Re: Draftie has been good to you.... Best and worst jobs in

    By and large it depends on your branch, for me the worst possible has to be one that I've had, on the staff at Collingwood. Absolute nightmare, the politics was grim and nobody was actually interested in letting you do your job, far more important to have three or four secondary duties.

    In terms of jobs I'd like to have done, JSSU(Cyp), but nowadays one of the jobs in the British Defence Staff Washington, based at the Embassy.
  19. Best - Repulse(P) many moons ago

    Worst - Sovereign not too many moons ago

    Shore draft - Whats one of them??
  20. Best: HQ North in Norway

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