Drafted to NP Iraq


Hi Guys,
I'm off to serve in Iraq next month for a while :cry: .
I know pusser gives us loads of kit to take but was just wondering if anyone had any tips or what civvy kit is good to take.
I haven't got a clue how much locker space we get or what the living state is, just a bit nervous about going and any advice will be well received.



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When I went out in 2003 I was issued an Arctic sleeping bag by Nelson - if they're still giving them out see if you can swap it for a Jungle sleeping bag, they are much better and take up a third of the space in your bergan.
Civvy sport socks are best with desert boots, better than pussers socks.
Find yourself a friendly pongo or bootneck and get them to assemble your webbing. Set yourself up a hotmail account (if you haven't already) and get yourself registered on the e-bluey website. Take your camera with you everywhere and enjoy the draft! I had a great time (apart from the occasional mortar attack or ieds)
I believe the mounting procedure and PDT is a bit better nowadays so you get quite a bit of training before you get out there.

Keep your head down and see you on here in 6 months with plenty of dits


cheers guys.
I am kinda looking forward to it, will be good to say i did it.
Yeah, i will definately take my camera but i'll just be careful where i get the film developed - lol.
Have a look at a 'Softie 6' sleeping bag. I have had one since just before Purple Star in '96. Easily fits into a side pouch (pooch to Army/RM's!) on your Bergan.

I have yet to go out there since the War (and I didn't get ashore then!), but join 846 NAS in September so it IS looming.

As nutty says, keep your head down and be safe.


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If you're going to BAS then you'll have a reasonable amount of space. Living conditions are basic but comfortable, but what you'll be in depends on where you are and what job you'll be doing. You'll either be in tents or corrimecs. If you're a matelot, prepare to look good in CS95's as thats what you'll be wearing...

Happy to offer more specific details via PM if you want.

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