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Draft list on the intranet?


War Hero
Someone told me recently about a page on Dii that is just a massive list of available drafts. I've looked on the intranet, and tried searching for it but can't seem to find it anyway.

Anyone know if I've been spun a shit dit? Or know where I can find it if it exists?
For JRs, be warned, your sea-drafts will be filled first, and it is very unlikely the CMC will allow a gap at the front line in order to fill a gucci shore draft.

For Officers, the Jobs List is a work of fiction.
Its always been a work of fiction, however, I never did find out how certain individuals on the RNR circuit did FOST or "Sea Jobs" for 18 months then back to same RNR for 3 years. Went outside and became a Careers Advisor at same RNR unit for the next 15 years.
Or the CPOWTR(or whatever there called these days) who does LFS to the USA or Australian Embassies at 3 years a pop.
Me I'm just jealous


War Hero
I will put this to the test next week. Due on draft around Sept/Oct

will look at "the jobs list" and pick out 3 that take my fancy that are listed in Q3/Q4.
will let you know if it is a work of fiction
The LFS circuit is nearly all allocated to Wtrs. By all accounts, the RN struggles to fill all of it's LFS assignments - put your name down and see what happens.
FJ - CM is the person to speak to. However, remember they represent the needs of the Service, not the needs of the individual.

NM - I'm not sure the OpTour list is common knowledge; ask your CMC for OpTours available (again, noting, that they represent the needs of the Service).
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