Dr Who.

Contrary to a lot of those opinions, many over the years have enjoyed what was basically a children's program, no doubt there will be a lot who will watch the latest as well. A case of each to his/her own, so AAF exercise your right and watch something else.
I enjoy watching Dr. Who but this hype surrounding the 50th anniversary is really doing my head in.
I'll watch it tomorrow - I'm in the pub tonight due to my penchant for getting things in perspective.


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Sky box has gone tits tonight so Dr Who is the chosen freeview option.. I've not got a fcuking scooby what is going on.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
I'm still none the wiser. All afternoon in the pub watching rugby and football, back home for a curry with a beer, settled down to watch Dr. Who on BBC3 and... zzzzzzzz
If you'd been waiting for it to come up on BBC3 that explains why you feel asleep.

It was on BBC1!
Don't worry Ballistic, the TV controllers are all Time Lords, they're always going back in time to fill the channels up with repeats, so much so that they have channels dedicated to it, including ones that run an hour behind the channels already showing the film/programmes. Freeview has something like 90 channels, half of which show whats already on or have been on.

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