Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari calls for us to integrate!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. The head of the Muslim Council of Britain says we should adopt some aspects of Shiria law into our govenance and culture, it would be good for us he says:

    The head of the Muslim Council of Britain does not mince his words on integration.
    There is fear and loathing in Britain. This week, the head of MI5 claimed there were 2,000 people involved in terrorist activity and children as young as 15 were being "groomed" to be suicide bombers.

    His passion is to integrate Muslim and British cultures - he says integration must go both ways.

    "Everybody can learn from everyone. Some of the Muslim principles can help social cohesion - family, marriage, raising children with boundaries, giving to the poor, not being too greedy."

    British people could, in his view, benefit from arranged marriages. "I prefer to call them assisted marriages," he says.

    Full article here:


    My response, here we go again banging the we are being persecuted drum, he fails to mention that these vile groomers and murderers come from within his community.
  2. Muslim Council of Great Britain.

    Who are they?
    What are their powers?
    How are the members appointed? Democratically?

    If they are, I don't remember receiving a ballot card.
  3. In my opinion, if Dr Bari wants Sharia law he should go to an Islamic country where Sharia law is the norm. It's not part of the British culture and he must remember he's the minority and if he wants to integrate he should change his ways not the other way round. If I wanted to live under Sharia law I'd go to a place where it was observed, but I don't so I won't. Already there are many places in this country where there are little enclaves of the sub-continent and middle east. If so many migrants are determined to flee from those areas why do they want to turn the parts of Britain that they've settled in into Western versions of their home? Why not just stay at home?
  4. Having been a British citizen for the last 64 years, I think I'm integrated - pity this prick doesn't practice what he preaches in MY country. If he doesn't like my country, there's always Dover or Heathrow................
  5. Wants us to integrate into their cultures?

    No, that is a foreign culture, it is they who need to integrate into our societies, not the other way around, if he like Sharia law, he can pay for a flight to an Arabic country.

    The reason MI5 is looking at a large number of Muslims, is because currently the threat comes from Islamic Fundamentalism, during the Irish Troubles, you can bet that MI5 was looking at a large number of Irishmen. How dare he compare the MI5 spotlight on suspected Muslim fundamentalists to the harrassment of the Jews in Nazi Germany, he could do well to remember that the The War on Terror was started by Al-Qaeda flying aircraft into the Twin Towers.
  6. Do we really want to see the return of public floggings of women who offend against the theists' selective sense of public decency and the public beheadings of adulterers? In fact his advocacy of Sharia family law is tantamount not only to incitement of hatred against non-traditional lifestyles (since Sharia based on some of the Companions' opinions set out in the Hadith, as against the Prophet's sayings and practice in the Koran, brings with it a presumption to kill non-conformist "others") but also misprision of treason against the Prince of Wales, who as an adulterer would of course face mandatory execution under Islamic law.

    I presume Dr. Bari is a Hanbalite who admires the example set by the goldsmith of Marw!!!
  7. Ah, Thingy!
    This is precisely where you go wrong in exposing hypocrisy.

    What you don't realise is that as long as it's "British" hypocrisy, it's alright!

    Everyone elses is wrong.
  8. Streaky,

    I loathe British hypocrisy too, especially our imposition of our Christian, Western culture and legal norms on our former colonies as well as our own, originally Pagan, population. In a multicultural society we should tolerate other cultures but not have them imposed on us by politicians and their allies, who are typically (since 1997) enamoured towards those from the more extreme fringes of religious belief.

    Or am I missing something obvious? o_O

  9. I do find it (I was going to say amusing) sad that the Press are quite keen to expose hypocrisy on our part, but are "backwards in coming forwards" with Johny Foreigner's hypocrisy.
  10. Nothing new there, though the FT and Economist are better than most when it comes to employing their Editors' critical faculties.
  12. Integrate - that's like telling Coca Cola to integrate with Pepsi while they are being taken over.
  13. Without wishing to sound like a racist or offend any sensibilities.
    FCUK him and the camel he rode in on.
    Cheeky rag head bastard, the neck on these people is astounding. If they want that kind of retarded law then they should practice it in the flea pit desert they hailed from, the UK might need stronger enforcement of it's current laws but sharia???? Stupid, Very stupid.
  14. is it just me or is it not the fact the fact of nuclear weapons or "super armys" or china or anything large lol!

    **** globalisaion or global warming or over populisation

    religion is killing the world (bit deep but its true)
  15. Stop sitting on the fence. :thumright:
  16. The very first thing that shows him and his council are a crock of shit is the name. If he is so intent on integration then why is it call the 'Muslim' council?
    That alone tells me he is segregationalist and racist.
  17. If anyone else had compared the "current" manistream UK society to Naziism then there would be hell to pay in the media. However, nothing has been said.
    One even tried to raise this as a subject on the BBC's Have Your Say web site but to no avail. Perhaps the editors were too busy reading their latest issue of the Guardian ....
  18. Where do people get these crazy ideas? "Assisted" marriage and a ban on beer. I'm glad I'm happily integrated into MY society and it'd be nice for others to do the same. Surely a man as educated as Dr Bari could see how illogical his argument is.
  19. I think you carried that off quite well. :rofl:
  20. :thumbup:

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