DQ's..... coming to a computer screen near you... :)

Gather round and listen in.

I dont know if everyone is aware yet but Rum Ration now has it's own virtual DQ's :clap:

If members constantly crayon in threads that they should'nt / derail threads that dont need derailing /act the complete cock etc they can be awarded infractions from a Moderator. They'll be sent a PM explaining why they have been awarded infractions.

Get a certain amount of infractions you'll go to DQ's with the the accompanying restrictions on your site activity.:judge:

Just to make things clear, if a member crayons/derails/acts a cock etc OR baits another member into doing so, you risk a visit to DQ's.

Any questions?


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Just to add to the above, when you are on DQ's you can only post in the barge and can only send one PM. It's exactly the same as the ROP's system that is employed on ARRSE. The time spent on DQ's depends on the infraction(s) committed.

Lil's will be largely unaffected by this rule because of what it is and we would rather any crayoning went on here than in the serious forums of the site. However, even the shitehouse has rules, which are listed above in the sticky provided by Silverfox. Monty and i will be keeping an eye on things in here, so you know that you have a bit more freedom to belm.


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I would'nt say the net was tightening, I'd say it was loosening.

Up until now it's been a case of behave or get banned. As a Mod it's pretty obvious (not just to Mods) who joins RR to be a dick, they dont last long.

DQ's are aimed at the established members of RR who, I for one dont want to see banned when they go off on one or **** up, as we all do. DQ's give a buffer before a ban, a slap on the wrist. A man up, you fucked up then soldier on.


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Points to note ..do we ave an electronic " Clear Lower Deck" for the warrant to be read.
does the ban work on a 28 days or 42 days detention.....
what stage do we get to see the first SNLR and the corner cut off the SC's....all for public humiliation.
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BR and Monty has someone mixed the poachers and game keepers up? BR will just be filling his gaol with sexual deviants, and calling it DQ's

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